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Winter’s Basic Clinical Pharmacokinetics

Winter's Basic Clinical Pharmacokinetics

Sixth edition

by Paul Beringer

624 pages

624 pages

  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781496346421
  • November 2017


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Winter’s Basic Clinical Pharmacokinetics helps readers apply pharmacokinetics and therapeutic drug monitoring to patient care.
An easy-to-read, case-study format has made this text a favorite among students and clinicians. Divided into two parts, Part I reviews basic pharmacokinetic principles, and Part II illustrates the clinical application of these principles to common problems.
  • Extensive explanations emphasize major concepts and accompany complex equations.
  • Figures help visualize concepts
  • NEW chapters include drug dosing in renal disease, pediatric considerations, and pharmacogenomics, as well as antifungals and expansion of the cytotoxic and immunosuppressant therapies
  • Includes cases that address pediatric considerations and pharmacogenomics
  • Updates include new information on the clinical use of serum drug concentrations
  • New Learning Objectives at the beginning of each chapter highlight the key concepts