• Clinical Sonography: A Practical Guide

    Clinical Sonography: A Practical Guide, 5e

    Roger C. Sanders

    Uniquely organized by symptom rather than organ or pathology, Roger Sanders’s Clinical Sonography, 5e, not only ensures mastery of the content and competencies required for diagnostic sonography, it teaches students to think critically and “sonographically” as they prepare for certification exams and clinical practice. In every chapter, students first encounter a diagnostic problem to be solved and then follow pathways of exploration that help them identify the cause of the original presenting symptom.
    Retaining its trademark concise, easy-to-understand writing style, consistent format, and clinical approach, the Fifth Edition is enhanced by a revised organization, new images and in-book learning tools, new content that reflects today’s practice environment, and a revised art and design program designed to meet the needs of today’s highly visual students.

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  • Computed Tomography for Technologists

    Computed Tomography for Technologists

    A Comprehensive Text

    Lois Romans
    Ideally suited for CT courses in radiologic technology programs, or for stand-alone CT programs, this text prepares students both for mastery of the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) General Radiography and Computed Tomography exams. The text also includes features and resources to ease the transition into actual clinical setting. Organized around the three major ARRT content categories, Romans incorporates student-friendly Clinical Application boxes to add real-world relevance. Highlighted key terms, Key Concept boxes, and chapter review questions, suggested reading, and other features help to ensure mastery of the topic.
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  • Computed Tomography for Technologists

    Computed Tomography for Technologists

    Exam Review

    Lois Romans
    Leveraging the organization and focus on exam preparation found in the comprehensive text, this Exam Review will help any student to successfully complete the ARRT General Radiography and Computed Tomography exams. The book includes a bulleted format review of content, Registry-style questions with answers and rationales, and a mock exam following the ARRT format. The companion website offers an online testing simulation engine.
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  • Essentials of Radiologic Science

    Essentials of Radiologic Science, 2e

    Denise Orth

    While maintaining the focused, student-friendly approach this title is known for, the updated 2nd Edition of Essentials of Radiologic Science now adds more detail and context on key topics to better meet the needs of today’s classroom.
    Designed throughout to help students succeed in the course and begin preparing for the ARRT examination from the very beginning of their program, the 2nd Edition now includes comprehensive coverage of digital imaging, an array of  in-book and online learning tools to help students of all learning styles master the content, and a powerful suite of online instructor’s resources.

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  • Examination Review for Radiography

    Examination Review for Radiography

    Shelley Giordano

    Examination Review for Radiography is an engaging print and online resource that is the perfect way to prepare for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) general radiography registry examination.

    Featuring an online exam simulator that contains more than 2,000 multiple-choice questions directly correlated to the AART’s content specifications, Examination Review for Radiography is the only book on the market that makes it possible to take as many as three online 220-question mock registry exams without ever duplicating a question!  

    Online practice tests can be timed (to simulate the actual three-hour certification exam) or untimed to help build speed and confidence. Also included are a sample printed exam, 15review questions at the end of each chapter, and two comprehensive 220-question multiple-choice exams at the end of the book. Answers to all book questions are provided, along with rationales and page numbers to make it easy to fill in any gaps in knowledge.

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  • Imaging Handbook for Physical Therapists

    Imaging Handbook for Physical Therapists

    John H. Harris

    This quick-reference imaging handbook provides students and practicing physical therapists the essential information they need to accurately interpret patients’ radiographic images, better understand the nature of a pathology or injury, expertly plan and implement a physical therapy treatment plan for each patient, and explain to patients why the treatment is needed and how it will help them.  

    Covering the most common pathologies and conditions seen in a typical musculoskeletal physical therapy clinic, this concise handbook uses high quality images to illustrate the normal radiographic, CT, and MRI anatomy, and, by comparison, changes in the skeleton caused by various diseases and trauma that typically prompt a physical therapy referral. 

    Accessible and concise, Imaging Handbook for Physical Therapists is organized by body region, making it easy for readers to access information they can use immediately in clinical rotations or everyday practice.
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  • Introduction to Sectional Anatomy

    Introduction to Sectional Anatomy, 3e

    Michael Madden

    Looking for the resource to help your students fully understand and retain critical knowledge of sectional anatomy? Allow us to introduce this new edition of Introduction to Sectional Anatomy.


    Focusing on presenting this highly visual an dynamic topic in a way that makes it engaging and accessible to students, Introduction to Sectional Anatomy begins with key terminology and concepts and then moves through the body from head to toe. This new edition has been completely updated to include the most current imaging modalities, including ultrasound, MR, and PET/CT, so your students are fully equipped for what they will encounter in practice.


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  • Introduction to Sectional Anatomy Workbook and Board Review Guide

    Introduction to Sectional Anatomy Workbook and Board Review Guide, 3e

    Michael Madden

    Introduction to Sectional Anatomy Workbook and Board Review Guide helps you better understand the principles of sectional anatomy, When used in conjunction with its corresponding text, this workbook reinforces key concepts covered in Introduction to Sectional Anatomy and contains a variety of exercises and tools that make it easy for you to remember essential information and build critical-thinking skills. This resource is also designed to thoroughly prepare you for the CT and MR registry examinations. 

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  • Introduction to Sonography and Patient Care

    Introduction to Sonography and Patient Care, 1e

    Steven M. Penny

    Introduction to Sonography and Patient Care offers today’s students the training and real-world imaging experience they need to master sonography content and competencies, sets the stage for students to excel on certification exams and succeed in their professional careers. This engaging, reader-friendly book provides a powerful bridge to practice, focusing throughout on giving students a first-hand look at how they will apply their training in a clinical setting.
    Mirroring JRC-DMS standards in every chapter, the book provides a full overview of need-to-know content delivered at a level appropriate for future sonographers.  The text includes topics often omitted in other texts, such as basic physics principles, instrumentation, knobology, patient positioning, professionalism and work ethic, equipment care, quality assurance, and legal essentials.

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  • Mammographic Imaging

    Mammographic Imaging, 3e

    A Practical Guide

    Valerie F. Andolina, Shelly L. Lillé

    Mammographic Imaging: A Practical Guide is the definitive, and only comprehensive, text in mammography for radiologic technology and mammographic technology. Revised to include new content on the increasingly common fundamental technology in digital mammography, this book is a must-have resource for technologists who need to stay current in breast imaging, as well as students preparing to enter the field. A new, dynamic two-color design helps to more clearly outline the topics covered, while new pedagogical features and ancillaries make this edition ideal as a core education resource.

    A companion website includes a registry exam-style question bank, image bank, PowerPoints, and case studies/situational judgment questions, plus instructor resources such as PowerPoint slides, lesson plans, an image bank, a test bank, and answers to the case studies/situational judgment questions.

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  • Nuclear Medicine Technology

    Nuclear Medicine Technology, 2e

    Procedures and Quick Reference

    Pete Shackett

    Completely updated with the latest advances in imaging technology, this quick-reference manual is the only procedures guide specifically geared to nuclear medicine technologists. It provides detailed, easy-to-follow instructions for 61 scan procedures, including listings of possible artifacts and problems that may arise during each scan. An extensive quick-reference section includes conversion tables, radiopharmaceutical dose ranges, pediatric dosing, anatomical drawings, standard drug interventions, lab tests, language translations, thyroid therapy information, and reproducible patient history sheets for 20 scans.

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  • Practical Vascular Technology

    Practical Vascular Technology

    A Comprehensive Laboratory Text

    Nathalie Garbani

    This is the first full-color book written as a clinical vascular sonography text for the laboratory portion of a sonography and vascular sonography program or for practicing sonographers. Practical Vascular Technology is an image and feature-rich textbook and reference clearly illustrating the procedures and principles associated with applied vascular sonography. Each chapter includes thoroughly illustrated sections on patient and equipment preparation, the testing sequence, typical results of the test, and interpretation of test results.

    A companion website includes clinical case studies and a student quiz bank.

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  • Radiographic Pathology

    Radiographic Pathology, 2e

    TerriAnn Linn-Watson

    Prepare your students for their careers as radiographic technologistswith the only pathology textbook available today that is directly aligned to newest ARRT and ASRT curriculum guidelines. This Second Edition has been fully updated throughout and presents complicated material effectively with clear, direct, and straightforward explanations.

    Packed with up-to-date information and high-quality images relevant to the day-to-day experiences of radiographic technologists, the text concentrates on crucial components and minimizes extraneous information to help your students master key topics that will form a firm foundation for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (AART) radiography exam.

    Featuring new Case Studies and empowering pedagogical features, this proven text lays the foundation for identifying pathologies on X-Ray and other imaging modalities, including CT, MRI, Ultrasound, and PET. This Second Edition is accompanied by instructor’s ancillaries that save you time and free student ancillaries that help your students succeed. A Student Workbook is also available for extra practice.

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  • Torres' Patient Care in Imaging Technology

    Torres' Patient Care in Imaging Technology, 8e

    Andrea Guillen Dutton, TerriAnn Linn-Watson, Lillian S. Torres