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  • Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Easy

    Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Easy

    Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

    Cardiovascular care is one of the most demanding and complex areas of nursing practice. The wide-ranging, accessible and attractive pedagogy of Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Easy helps student nurses achieve a thorough understanding of this subject. Adapted for the UK, this book is packed with illustrations, chapter overviews, memory joggers and quick quizzes, which bring together the broad base of knowledge whilst targeting key information that the learner nurse needs to be confident in cardiovascular care.

    Drawing on current UK guidance, Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Easy is rooted soundly in current standards of practice. It is an essential resource for any nurse new to cardiovascular care in the UK, as well as those wishing to refresh their knowledge.

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  • Children's and Young People's Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!

    Children's and Young People's Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!

    Patric Devitt, John Thain

    Children's and Young People's Nursing Made Incredibly Easy! is a handy reference book in the award-winning Incredibly Easy! style—perfect for those entering or needing a refresher in children's nursing, a core subject for nurses.

    The particular conditions, skills, and practice of sick children's nursing are a common component of nurse training, and the curricula for sick children's nursing courses include a heavy emphasis on family-centred care, health promotion and communication skills. This book organizes developmental concerns and childhood disorders in an intuitive way, while weaving a family-centred approach to practice throughout the material.

    Taking a developmental approach, the latest information on more than 100 paediatric disorders is included, highlighting collaborative management opportunities that identify appropriate involvement of other health care team members, so vital in clinical practice today.

    This informative text assists the nurse in dealing with situations unique to children's care: psychosocial structures of families, common milestones in development, childhood hospitalizations and terminal illnesses, and dosage calculations and techniques for administering medications to children.

    Children's and Young People's Nursing Made Incredibly Easy! is for all degree and diploma nursing students.

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  • Clinical Skills Made Incredibly Easy!

    Clinical Skills Made Incredibly Easy!

    Mhairi Hastings

    Mapped to the NMC Essential Skills Clusters, Clinical Skills Made Incredibly Easy! presents, clearly and concisely, the essential clinical skills for safe and professional nursing practice. The book begins with fundamental skills covering the patient's hospital stay, specimen collection, aseptic technique and wound care, and medicines management. The text then focuses on procedures related to specific body systems. Each procedure is presented in the same easy-to-follow format. The last section details a range of other skills essential for competent practice. Quizzes at the end of each topic enable readers to evaluate their learning.

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  • ECG Facts Made Incredibly Quick!

    ECG Facts Made Incredibly Quick!, 2e

    Updated with new treatments and algorithms, ECG Facts Made Incredibly Quick! Second Edition provides instant access to information that every nurse needs for safe patient care. The book fits comfortably into a pocket, and the wipeable page surface allows nurses to write notes and remove them easily. Coverage includes basic electrocardiography including cardiac conduction, lead placement, and heart rate calculation; rhythm strip interpretation; causes, signs and symptoms, interventions, and treatment for arrhythmias; 12-lead and 15-lead ECG interpretation; ECG changes with angina, MI, pericarditis, and bundle branch block; and antiarrhythmic drugs, pacemakers, and ICDs. Scores of ECG waveforms, treatment algorithms, and charts are included. Distinctive-colored tabs identify each section.
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  • Medical-Surgical Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!

    Medical-Surgical Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!

    Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
    Medical-Surgical Nursing Made Incredibly Easy! Third Edition provides nurses and nursing students with the information they need to confidently provide optimal care to patients. Written in the award-winning Incredibly Easy! style, which makes complex medical-surgical nursing concepts easy to understand, it is perfect for those entering or needing a refresher in medical-surgical nursing.
    The updated text covers nearly 300 disorders, treatments and nursing interventions across 13 body system-oriented chapters, with additional overview chapters on the nursing process and perioperative care, end-of-life care, and obesity. Each chapter includes a summary of key points and features headings and illustrations to enhance learning. Consistently formatted chapters and disorder entries make information easy to find. Key terms, bullets, checklists, and graphics focus attention on important information. In addition, online components, including case studies and NCLEX®-style questions, provide readers with additional learning tools.
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  • Brunner & Suddarth's Canadian Textbook of Medical-Surgical Nursing

    Brunner & Suddarth's Canadian Textbook of Medical-Surgical Nursing, 3e

    Pauline Paul, Rene Day, Beverly Williams

    The only Canadian textbook to include NCLEX questions and resources, this Third Edition of the popular Canadian adaptation of Brunner and Suddarth's Textbook of Medical-Surgical Nursing reflects key practice differences in Canada, ranging from the healthcare system, to cultural considerations, to epidemiology, pharmacology, and more.
    Known for its strong nursing process focus and easy readability, this acclaimed text helps students prepare for the NCLEX exam that will be require of Canadian nurses in 2015, focuses on physiological, pathophysiological, and psychosocial concepts as they relate to nursing care, and provides insightful coverage of the nursing care and health care needs of older adults and people with disabilities, important priorities in the education of tomorrow’s Canadian health care professionals.   
    The Third Edition features an entirely new chapter on obesity, new information on key Canadian demographic groups (such as First Nations, Inuit, and Metis), updated coverage of Canadian nursing terminology and the Canadian health care system, and an unparalleled array of online instructor and student resources.

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  • Brunner y Suddarth. Enfermería medicoquirúrgica

    Brunner y Suddarth. Enfermería medicoquirúrgica, 12e

    Edición actualizada

    Suzanne Smeltzer, Brenda Bare, Janice L. Hinkle, Kerry H. Cheever

    Brunner y Suddarth. Enfermería medicoquirúrgica ha sido la obra de referencia para estudiantes, docentes y profesionales de la enfermería en activo durante casi cinco décadas. En esta obra se tratan con exhaustividad un gran número afecciones, centrándose en conceptos fisiológicos, fisiopatológicos y psicosociales.
    En especial, no obstante, se hace hincapié en la atención de enfermería, y se da una especial relevancia al papel del profesional en el cuidado, la educación y la ayuda al paciente y sus allegados.
    En esta 12.ª edición se mantienen como puntos fuertes la legibilidad y el enfoque centrado en los procesos de enfermería. Estas características han ayudado a incontables estudiantes a prepararse para sus roles y responsabilidades en el ámbito medicoquirúrgico. Pero, además de otras novedades, esta nueva edición ofrece una mejor visualización de la información y una mejor portabilidad para los estudiantes.
    Características clave:
    • En esta nueva edición, el conjunto de recursos se completa con actividades de simulación, pruebas de adaptación y distintos recursos en línea para ayudar a los estudiantes a prepararse para responder a las demandas de la enfermería contemporánea y alcanzar la excelencia profesional.
    • Programa de simulación, con experiencias más realistas para ayudar al estudiante y para ayudar a la facultad a conectar teoría y simulación.
    • Pruebas de repaso de los contenidos del curso.
    • Acceso a manual de laboratorio y pruebas diagnósticas.
    • Contenidos mejorados con dos casos clínicos por capítulo.
    • Imágenes y diseño gráfico rediseñado para obtener una lectura clara y aprovechar el espacio al máximo.
    • Más cuadros de directrices, gráficas de recomendaciones de salud y tablas sobre el tratamiento de pacientes de distintas procedencias étnicas y aspectos relacionados.
    • Videos y ejercicios interactivos sobre las habilidades más importantes del profesional de la enfermería.
    • Recursos digitales ampliados que incluyen el manual de pruebas y diagnósticos de laboratorio, casos medicoquirúrgicos interactivos y curso de enfermería medicoquirúrgica en línea.
    Cambios exclusivos en esta edición actualizada:
    • Posibilidad de descargar el e-book a todo color desde la plataforma Vital Source.
    • Revisión completa de la obra.
    • Adición de un capítulo sobre obesidad.
    • Traducción de gran parte del contenido en línea, como el banco de preguntas interactivo y el banco de imágenes, entre otros recursos.

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  • Cardiac Nursing

    Cardiac Nursing, 6e

    Susan L. Woods, Erika S. Sivarajan Froelicher, Sandra Adams (Underhill) Motzer, Elizabeth J. Bridges

    Cardiac Nursing is recognized as "The Red Reference Book" for nurses caring for patients who have, or are at risk for developing, cardiac diseases. The book provides both basic and advanced content in evidence-based care and emphasizes health promotion, health maintenance, and disease management. The five-part organization consists of anatomy and physiology; physiologic and pathophysiologic responses; assessment of heart disease; pathophysiology of heart disease; and health promotion and disease prevention.

    This edition has a new Global Perspective feature in most chapters, which reflects the rich cultural mix of patient populations and helps to determine appropriate care. A new chapter on Global Health reflects WHO commitments to reducing heart disease worldwide.

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  • Clinical Guide to Skin and Wound Care

    Clinical Guide to Skin and Wound Care, 7e

    Cathy Thomas Hess
    This useful resource will help both clinicians and institutions deliver wound care that's both appropriate for patient needs and cost-effective for the institution. Featuring important new information on documentation regulations, including helpful checklists, and offering take-away highlights in every chapter, this useful resource also provides new content on lymphedema management guidelines, negative pressure wound therapy, and capturing data using today's media capabilities. Part 1 covers the fundamentals of skin and wound care, including assessment, treatment, prevention, nutrition, and documentation. Part 2 offers profiles and photos of hundreds of skin and wound care products, all categorized and alphabetized for easy reference. The book also includes a full-color wound photo section, wound checklists, and much more. 
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  • Clinical Practice of Neurological & Neurosurgical Nursing

    Clinical Practice of Neurological & Neurosurgical Nursing, 7e

    Joanne Hickey
    The new Seventh Edition of the award-winning classic prepares its users to deliver expert care in this challenging nursing specialty.  It addresses neuroanatomy, assessment, diagnostic evaluation and management of the complete range of neurological disorders for which nurses provide patient care, including trauma, stoke, tumors, seizures, headache, aneurysms, infections, degenerative disorders and features new chapters on neurological critical care and peripheral neuropathies.  The new edition has been thoroughly revised to reflect standards of care based on evidence-based practice.  It now includes separate pathophysiology sections in each chapter, new resource guides, such as internet sites and professional and patient information sources, key points summaries, evidence-based boxes, and nursing research features.

    A companion site with fully-searchable text and image bank is available with purchase of the book.
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  • Core Curriculum for Infusion Nursing

    Core Curriculum for Infusion Nursing, 4e

    An Official Publication of the Infusion Nurses Society

    Mary Alexander, Ann M. Corrigan, Lisa A Gorski, Lynn Phillips

    The Fourth Edition of the Core Curriculum for Infusion Nursing, an official publication of the Infusion Nurses Society, is the comprehensive authority when preparing for the Certified Registered Nurse Infusion (CRNI®) examination. The Core Curriculum also serves as an invaluable resource in any practice setting, helping you provide optimal infusion nursing care. An easy-to-use outline format allows quick review and retrieval of information within the core content areas: Technology and Clinical Application, Fluid and Electrolyte Balance, Pharmacology, Infection Prevention and Control, Transfusion Therapy, Antineoplastic Biologic Therapy, and Parenteral Nutrition. This completely revised edition reflects the expanded scope of infusion nursing practice and offers extensive coverage on special populations, highlighting infusion nursing in pediatrics, as well as older adults and pregnancy.


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  • Dermatology for Advanced Practice Clinicians

    Dermatology for Advanced Practice Clinicians

    Margaret Bobonich, Mary Nolen
    Dermatology for Advanced Practice Clinicians offers a practical approach to the care of common dermatosis. It comprehensively covers the basic science of lesion morphology and key diagnostic skills for exams. Chapters on common skin diseases walk you through everything you need to know, from the basic pathophysiology of the disease to epidemiology, common clinical presentations, diagnostics, differential diagnoses, management, complications, follow up, patient education, the need for referral or consultations, resources, and ICD-10 codes. A Special Considerations section addresses the unique needs of specific patient populations, such as pediatrics, geriatrics, and pregnancy. 
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  • Diagnostic Test Facts Made Incredibly Quick!

    Diagnostic Test Facts Made Incredibly Quick!


    Diagnostic Test Facts Made Incredibly Quick! provides instant access to essential information on more than 400 diagnostic tests. The book fits comfortably into a pocket, and the wipeable page surface allows nurses to write notes and remove them easily.

    Distinctively colored tabs identify the major sections: Basics, Blood, Urine, Cultures, Imaging, and Other including ECG and EEG. Tests are listed alphabetically within each section. Each listing includes the purpose of the test; normal reference values for men, women, and children, including SI values; critical values; and nursing considerations. Scores of quick-reference charts and illustrations are included.

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  • ECG Interpretation: An Incredibly Visual! Pocket Guide

    ECG Interpretation: An Incredibly Visual! Pocket Guide


    The latest spinoff of the Incredibly Easy! Series®, the Incredibly Visual! Pocket Guides are compact, carry-anywhere references that use stunning full-color photos and illustrations and brief, easy-to-read text to present must-know clinical concepts. Ideally suited for visual learners, the information is easy to learn and recall because the visual images leave a lasting impression, and most topics are covered on a two-page spread.

    ECG Interpretation: An Incredibly Visual! Pocket Guide presents the basics of interpreting various rhythm types such as sinus, atrial, junctional, ventricular, and AV blocks. Coverage includes must-know information on ECG changes in specific cardiac disorders such as myocardial infarction, in electrolyte imbalances, and with a pacemaker. Interpretation tips and life-threatening arrhythmias are highlighted throughout.

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  • Fluids and Electrolytes: An Incredibly Easy! Pocket Guide

    Fluids and Electrolytes: An Incredibly Easy! Pocket Guide, 2e

    Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

    Fluids and Electrolytes: An Incredibly Easy! Pocket Guide, Second Edition provides just the essential facts in a streamlined, bulleted quick-reference format, using illustrations, logos, and other Incredibly Easy! features to help nurses spot key points at a glance. The opening chapters review the basics of fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base balance. Subsequent chapters address specific imbalances, providing vital information for safe and effective care. The last chapter covers such treatments as IV fluid replacement and total parenteral nutrition. This edition has been revised and updated and includes new entries on acute pancreatitis and heat syndrome.

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  • Focus on Adult Health

    Focus on Adult Health

    Medical-Surgical Nursing

    Linda Honan Pellico
    Focus on Adult Health: Medical-Surgical Nursing, is uniquely designed to prepare today’s students to succeed as practicing nurses by focusing on the most important medical disorders and key nursing responsibilities.
    “As the demand for nurses continues to grow, new nurses are entering a dynamic and challenging work environment, and many feel unprepared,” said Linda H. Pellico, RN, PhD, the lead author and editor of the textbook. “We developed this textbook and related tools to prepare students for the reality of medical-surgical nursing. We need to teach students how to think like a nurse, and how to focus quickly on the most critical aspects. Beyond taking care of what you see, nursing is about predicting and preventing risks, so this book details risk factors, clinical presentation, and treatment.”

    The textbook prepares students for both the NCLEX exam and for daily nursing practice by focusing on the need-to-know content.

    Focus on Adult Health: Medical-Surgical Nursing is automatically packaged with access to LWW’s PrepU premium adaptive quizzing program, which offers personalized quizzes, highlights student’s strengths and weaknesses, and directs students to the text for further study. 

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  • Focus on Adult Health's Handbook of Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests

    Focus on Adult Health's Handbook of Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests

    Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

    This companion book to Focus on Adult Health: Medical-Surgical Nursing is a concise, portable, full-color handbook of hundreds of test results and their implications. The two-part presentation includes a review of specimen collection procedures followed by an alphabetical list of tests. Tests include important information about reference values, normal and abnormal values as well as associated nursing implications, interfering factors, and essential nursing considerations before, during, and after the test.

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  • Handbook for Focus on Adult Health

    Handbook for Focus on Adult Health, 1e

    Medical-Surgical Nursing

    Linda Honan Pellico
    This comprehensive yet concise clinical reference presents need-to-know information on over 170 commonly encountered diseases and disorders. The easy-to-use, colorful, consistent, and alphabetized format enables readers to gain quick access to vital information on
    • Pathophysiology
    • Risk Factors
    • Clinical Manifestations and Assessments
    • Diagnostic Methods
    • Medical and Nursing Management
    • Complications
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  • Issues of Cancer Survivorship

    Issues of Cancer Survivorship, 1e

    An Interdisciplinary Team Approach to Care

    Debra Kantor

    Issues of Cancer Survivorship addresses the issues of experiencing life with cancer, from diagnosis to living with and beyond cancer. It focuses on the psychological impact of cancer, including psychological distress, the uncertainty, the short-term and long-term side effects of treatments, body image issues, spirituality/religious issues, impact of the disease on finances, impact on family relationships, and social support. In addition, the book covers cancer in children and secondary cancers as a result of the treatment they received, which is increasingly an issue as patients are living longer.

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  • LPN to RN Transitions

    LPN to RN Transitions, 4e

    Achieving Success in Your New Role

    Nicki Harrington, Cynthia Lee Terry

    This book serves as a guide to assist readers in successfully balancing career, school, and personal life while pursuing educational and professional goals. It leads the reader though a series of interactive exercises and develops a Personal Education Plan. The text supports the reader during this important transition, taking into consideration individual experience, needs, and degree program.

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