• Lippincott's Manual of Psychiatric Nursing Care Plans

    Lippincott's Manual of Psychiatric Nursing Care Plans, 9e

    Judith M. Schultz, Sheila L. Videbeck
    An outstanding resource for students and practicing nurses, the Ninth Edition of Lippincott’s Manual of Psychiatric Nursing Care Plans contains 52 nursing care plans that address the most commonly encountered behaviors in psychiatric–mental health nursing. An excellent tool to introduce students to clinical psychiatric experience, the Manual demonstrates use of the nursing process in psychiatric nursing and gives suggestions for specific interventions—with rationale—to address particular behaviors, giving the student a sound basis on which to build clinical skills. Covering a range of problems and a variety of approaches, the care plans are meant to be adapted and individualized in planning nursing care for each client. The Ninth Edition has been thoroughly updated and includes new information on complementary and alternative medicine and using the internet; as well as new or expanded appendices on psychopharmacology; side effects of medications and related nursing interventions; and schizoid, histrionic, narcissistic, and avoidant personality disorders.

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  • Basic Concepts of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing

    Basic Concepts of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing, 8e

    Louise Rebraca Shives

  • Essentials of Psychiatric Nursing

    Essentials of Psychiatric Nursing, 1e

    Contemporary Practice

    Mary Ann Boyd

    Essentials of Psychiatric Nursing, by Mary Ann Boyd is an up-to-date evidence-based mental-health psychiatric nursing text that serves as the minimum knowledge and skills for the entry level nurse. The book provides the basic knowledge in mental health nursing needed by the beginning nurse who will care for individuals with emotional and mental health problems in all health care settings.  Essentials of Psychiatric Nursing has a strong emphasis on psychopharmacology, Recovery Model and DSM-V. 

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  • Introductory Mental Health Nursing

    Introductory Mental Health Nursing, 3e

    Donna Womble
    Written specifically for the LPN/LVN student, Introductory Mental Health Nursing, 3e, provides clear, direct, and clinically relevant information on mental health nursing in an easy-to-follow, student-friendly manner. This proven book is known for its case applications that apply concepts to real world situations, built-in student workbook that promotes recall and retention, striking full color design, and wide range of innovative features that help students master concepts and prepare for the NCLEX.
    The Third Edition provides a summarized overview of the theories integral to current treatment modalities, along with practical coverage of the practice setting, psychopharmacologic agents, and the nursing process as it relates to administration of drug therapy. In addition, you’ll find up-to-date coverage of specific psychiatric disorders, as well as treatment methods for each category of disorder.
    Updated to reflect the DSM-V and featuring new and expanded content throughout, the Third Edition includes a robust array of online resources to help students master the material, including Watch & Learn Video Clips on cognitive function; Practice & Learn Activities related to therapeutic communication, antidepressants, and dementia; and Movie Viewing Guides that give students an opportunity to approach nursing care related to mental illness in a novel way.
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  • Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing For Canadian Practice

    Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing For Canadian Practice, 3e

    Wendy Austin, Mary A. Boyd

    Designed to help Canadian baccalaureate nursing students develop generalist-level knowledge and skills in psychiatric and mental health nursing (PMH), Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing for Canadian Practice, 3rd Edition describes the biological foundations of psychiatric disorders and gives students opportunities to apply content in every chapter. Reflecting contemporary Canadian PMH nursing practice, this proven text provides thorough coverage of mental health promotion, assessment, and interventions in adults, families, children, adolescents, and older adults.
    The book’s focus on the unique elements of Canadian healthcare is enhanced by an online supplements program designed specifically for Canadian students. New to this edition are DSM-5 updates, new content on sleep disorders, integrated coverage of ethical considerations, a greater emphasis on the recovery model, and a dynamic new art program.

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  • Psychiatric Nursing

    Psychiatric Nursing, 2e

    Sujata Sethi

    This book is part of the LWW India publishing program. This program is developed for the Indian market working with Indian authors who are the foremost experts in their respective fields. Our Indian authors do research and teach at the most respected Indian medical schools and academic hospitals.

    Based on the syllabus prescribed by the Indian Nursing Council for BSc Nursing students, this book covers the subject of psychiatric nursing in a comprehensive yet simple manner. The exposition is systematically organised into the following five major units which will help the student to form a broad picture of the subject:

    I Basic Principles of Psychiatric Nursing

    II Psychiatric Disorders

    III Management Modalities

    IV Psychiatric Emergencies

    V Preventive and Legal Psychiatry

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  • Psychiatric Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!

    Psychiatric Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!, 2e

    Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
    Written in the award-winning Incredibly Easy style, this invaluable reference is packed with the most up-to-date information on more than 70 psychiatric disorders. Clear language and a simple organization keep information concise and easy to find. The reference is organized by disorders and includes an overview of psychiatric nursing. Numerous icons provide the reader with tips on caring for psychiatric patients from experts, the latest research, cultural considerations, and the latest news in psychopharmacology. Memory joggers and quick quizzes reinforce learning. An appendix of Web resources is included for further study.
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  • Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing

    Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing, 8e

    Evidence-Based Concepts, Skills, and Practices

    Wanda Mohr
    This edition focuses on evidence-based practice and rational practice with more case-oriented content that helps students better understand how to apply key concepts to practice. Plus, new illustrations, photographs, and special features actively engage students in learning and appeal to a variety of different types of learners.  Wanda Mohr aims to empower students by the down-to-earth discussion of theory and theoretical frame-work. 
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  • Understanding Schizophrenia Anatomical Chart

    Understanding Schizophrenia Anatomical Chart

    Anatomical Chart Company

    Understanding Schizophrenia chart provides a visual and textual overview and is an ideal tool to help practitioners explain the condition to patients and families.

    Defines schizophrenia
    discusses causes of schizophrenia and other psychosis
    compares MRIs of unaffected and affected brains
    discusses the stages and natural progression of the disease
           - illustrates gray matter deficit at onset of illness and after 5 years
           - illustrates a healthy neuron and a abnormally pruned neuron

    discusses the 4 broad categories of symptoms  - positive, negative, mood and cognitive
           - diagrams course of the illness and symptoms
           - shows medial view of the brain with dopamine pathways
           - shows lateral view of the brain 

    Also discusses treatment and management.

    Made in USA

    Available in the following versions:
    •   20" x 26" heavy weight paper laminated with grommets at top corners     ISBN   9780781786447
    •   20" x 26" heavy weight paper                                                                               ISBN   9780781786423
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