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Grant’s Anatomy Lab

  Grant’s Anatomy Lab is a fully customisable dissection manual for medical and related health professions programmes with a cadaveric dissection lab. Using material from the market-leading Grant’s Dissector, along… READ MORE

Acland’s Video Atlas of Anatomy

Anatomy in Real-Life 3D supports the teaching and learning of anatomy with more than 300 narrated videos of REAL cadaver specimens. This dynamic tool can be used during… READ MORE


Surgery Books Check out our wide selection of the best surgery books, clinical surgery books, and surgical anatomy books. These books provide extensive information on the surgical field and are… READ MORE


Neuroscience books Explore the best selection of neuroscience books, covering a range of topics that include the fundamentals of neuroscience, clinical neuroscience, and neuroanatomy. These books serve as useful resources… READ MORE


We are proud of the strong relationship we have with lecturers and instructors at institutions in the UK, Ireland, Benelux, Scandinavia and beyond. Through the range of services below, driven… READ MORE


Lippincott is a leading international publisher of professional health information for physicians, nurses, specialised clinicians and students, providing essential information in a variety of print and electronic formats, from journals… READ MORE

Health Practitioners

Our content Healthcare professionals, researchers, educators, and students around the world rely on our solutions. Our content is written and reviewed by experts. It’s authoritative and based on the best… READ MORE

Digital Solutions

Our Featured Solutions Our adaptable digital solutions are as unique and as flexible as you need them to be—whether you study on campus, online, in practice settings, or any combination… READ MORE