A. Joseph Layon

  • Civetta, Taylor, & Kirby's Critical Care Medicine

    Civetta, Taylor, & Kirby's Critical Care Medicine, 5e

    A. Joseph Layon, Andrea Gabrielli, Mihae Yu, Kenneth E. Wood

    For over 30 years, Civetta, Taylor, & Kirby's Critical care has been the most comprehensive, surgically oriented critical care text and this tradition will continue with the newly published 5th edition.  The table of contents has gone through a complete overhaul under the tutelage of a new editorial team. In order to bring stronger focus and consistency to the chapters, this new edition will see an introduction of a template of headings for disorder chapters.  

    • Provides a quick overview of the disorder and patient management with key points tables set at the end of every chapter
    • Written by world leading practitioners and instructors - Seamless integration of principles with clinical application
    • New chapters include Critical Care Implications in Acute Care Surgery & Critical Care of Gynecologic Patients
    • Unparalleled coverage of the entire field of adult critical care medicine
    • A slimed down edition includes over 400 pages as ebook only to make the text more portable

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  • Civetta, Taylor, and Kirby's Manual of Critical Care

    Civetta, Taylor, and Kirby's Manual of Critical Care

    Andrea Gabrielli, A. Joseph Layon, Mihae Yu
    Based on a best-selling reference in critical care medicine, Civetta, Taylor, & Kirby’s Manual of Critical Care delivers in a portable, softcover format the information necessary to make sound clinical decisions in the ICU.

    The Manual begins with crucial guidance to help readers respond quickly and appropriately to emergencies in the ICU, then proceeds to cover the most relevant clinical information in all areas of critical care including critical care monitoring, techniques and procedures, essential physiologic concerns, shock states, pharmacology, surgical critical care, and infectious diseases.
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