Brenda A. Bucklin

  • A Practical Approach to Obstetric Anesthesia

    A Practical Approach to Obstetric Anesthesia, 2e

    Brenda A. Bucklin, Curtis L. Baysinger, David Gambling
    A Practical Approach to Obstetric Anesthesia, written in outline format for easy reference, occupies a niche in the market midway between shorter, less detailed handbooks and full-scale textbooks. The book covers all areas of obstetric anesthesia in considerable detail but content is presented in bite-size, data-driven nuggets, rather than longer-winded prose explanations. The focus of the second edition will remain very clinical but the clinical coverage will be broad-based and meant to appeal to all segments of the market--residents, clinicians, nurse-anesthetists, and even fellows in OB anesthesia, who can use a book like this as a quick refresher and anesthesia-cart reference. 
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