• Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Easy

    Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Easy

    Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

    Cardiovascular care is one of the most demanding and complex areas of nursing practice. The wide-ranging, accessible and attractive pedagogy of Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Easy helps student nurses achieve a thorough understanding of this subject. Adapted for the UK, this book is packed with illustrations, chapter overviews, memory joggers and quick quizzes, which bring together the broad base of knowledge whilst targeting key information that the learner nurse needs to be confident in cardiovascular care.

    Drawing on current UK guidance, Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Easy is rooted soundly in current standards of practice. It is an essential resource for any nurse new to cardiovascular care in the UK, as well as those wishing to refresh their knowledge.

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  • Auscultation Skills

    Auscultation Skills, 5e

    Breath & Heart Sounds

    Jessica Shank Coviello
    Practitioners and students: see and hear breath and heart sounds with remarkable clarity while perfecting your auscultation technique.

    Auscultation Skills: Breath & Heart Sounds, Fifth Edition, pinpoints exactly how, where, and why breath and heart sounds occur and helps you to differentiate normal from abnormal sounds quickly and accurately. Loaded with clear explanations, colorful illustrations, and linked to online audio cues, this sensational reference spans the simple to the complex and serves as an excellent tool for beginning practitioners and seasoned clinicians who are looking to hone their diagnostic skills and improve their auscultation technique.

    This compact, practical book will improve your ability to auscultate for heart and breath sounds, and enhance your understanding of their physiology. Throughout, the book references corresponding tracks on the accompanying website, enabling users to listen to the sounds immediately after reading about the anatomical and physiologic changes associated with the sounds.
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  • Cardiac Nursing

    Cardiac Nursing, 6e

    Susan L. Woods, Erika S. Sivarajan Froelicher, Sandra Adams (Underhill) Motzer, Elizabeth J. Bridges

    Cardiac Nursing is recognized as "The Red Reference Book" for nurses caring for patients who have, or are at risk for developing, cardiac diseases. The book provides both basic and advanced content in evidence-based care and emphasizes health promotion, health maintenance, and disease management. The five-part organization consists of anatomy and physiology; physiologic and pathophysiologic responses; assessment of heart disease; pathophysiology of heart disease; and health promotion and disease prevention.

    This edition has a new Global Perspective feature in most chapters, which reflects the rich cultural mix of patient populations and helps to determine appropriate care. A new chapter on Global Health reflects WHO commitments to reducing heart disease worldwide.

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  • Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Visual!

    Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Visual!, 2e


    Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Visual! Second Edition offers an innovative visual approach to mastering the principles and practice of cardiovascular care. Hundreds of detailed color photographs, diagrams, charts, and other visual aids clarify essential cardiovascular anatomy and physiology and guide nurses through all current physical assessment techniques, diagnostic tests, treatments, emergency procedures, cardiac monitoring methods, and more. This thoroughly updated edition includes current ACLS algorithms and information on congenital cardiac disorders, new diagnostic tests and treatments, and noninvasive cardiac output monitoring.

    Special logos reinforce key points about equipment and procedures and present visual mnemonics, and "Vision Quest" puzzles test readers' knowledge in an entertaining way.  Nurses can foster a quick and thorough understanding of cardiovascular care the Incredibly Visual way - with clear, logical content, written in conversational style, highly-detailed visual aids, and key highlights that help recall what has been learned.

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  • Cardiovascular Disease Anatomical Chart

    Cardiovascular Disease Anatomical Chart, 2e

    Anatomical Chart Company

    This second edition of the Anatomical Chart Company's Cardiovascular Disease is a useful chart that shows normal heart antomy and various cardiovascular diseases.  All illustrations are labeled and diseases are textually explained
     normal heart anatomy :
                posterior view
                anterior view 
    coronary arteries
    conduction system and electrocardiogram (ECG)
    cardiac cycle
    The following  cardiovascular diseases are illustrated and explained: 
    coronary heart disease
    polyarteritis nodosa (PAN)
    Kawasaki's disease
    myocardial infarction (heart attack)
    cerebrovascular accident (stroke)
    aortic aneurysm
    left ventricular hypertrophy 
    congestive heart failure

    Made in the USA.

    Available in the following versions :    

    •   20" x 26" heavy paper laminated with grommets at top corners   ISBN  9781587798412
    •   20" x 26" heavy paper                                                                             ISBN  9781587798405
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  • Core Curriculum for Vascular Nursing

    Core Curriculum for Vascular Nursing, 2e

    An Official Publication of the Society for Vascular Nursing (SVN)

    Cynthia Rebik Christensen, Patricia A. Lewis
    An official publication of the Society for Vascular Nursing, the Second Edition of the Core Curriculum for Vascular Nursing provides the core knowledge needed by the novice entering the specialty. It also serves as a manual for the nursing instructor, a study guide for cardiovascular certification, and a reference for the experienced vascular clinician caring for the challenging vascular patient. Topics include the evolution of vascular nursing, vascular assessment and diagnosis, vascular nursing research, and guideline-directed medical, endovascular and surgical therapy for the treatment of carotid artery stenosis, aortic aneurysm, renal artery stenosis, vascular access, venous disease, vascular trauma, amputations, and lymphedema. 
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  • ECG Workout

    ECG Workout, 7e

    Exercises in Arrhythmia Interpretation

    Jane Huff

    Grasp the electrocardiography basics and identify arrhythmias accurately, with the freshly updated ECG Workout, 7th Edition.
    Fully addressing the most common arrhythmias, this clearly worded text will take you step-by-step through expert ECG tracing interpretation methods, including differentiating among rhythm groups, equipment use, and management protocols. This is the go-to ECG guide for both student training and professional review—perfect for physicians, nurses, medical and nursing students, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, telemetry technicians, and related practitioners.
    Get a strong grounding in accurate ECG readings with  . . .
    • NEW pull-out arrhythmia summary cards help you interpret end-of-chapter practice strips
    • NEW and updated advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) guidelines incorporated in each arrhythmia chapter
    • NEW and updated figures, boxes, tables, and additional practice strips
    • Updated coverage of all ECG concepts and skills, including:
      • Illustrated anatomy and physiology of the heart
      • Electrical basis of electrocardiology
      • Arrhythmia chapters: sinus, atrial, junctional and AV blocks, ventricular and bundle-branch block rhythms—examples, causes, clinical treatments, and practice strips
      • Step-by-step direction on interpreting rhythm strips
      • Components of the ECG tracing: waveforms, intervals, segments, complexes, and waveform identification
      • Discussion of cardiac monitors, lead systems, lead placement, ECG artifacts, and troubleshooting monitor problems
      • Methods for precise rate calculation
      • Discussion of cardiac pacemakers: types, indications, function, pacemaker terminology, malfunctions, and pacemaker analysis, with practice tracings
    • ECG conversion table ensures precise heart rate calculation with plastic pocket version inside back cover
    • Skillbuilder practice strips—more than 600 life-size ECG tracings:
      • End-of-chapter strips from actual patients, with 3-second indicators for rapid-rate calculation, and answers at back of book
      • A mix of arrhythmias to help you distinguish among types
    • Posttest with mix of more than 100 waveform rhythm strips, for student testing or self-evaluation

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