• Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Easy

    Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Easy

    Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

    Cardiovascular care is one of the most demanding and complex areas of nursing practice. The wide-ranging, accessible and attractive pedagogy of Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Easy helps student nurses achieve a thorough understanding of this subject. Adapted for the UK, this book is packed with illustrations, chapter overviews, memory joggers and quick quizzes, which bring together the broad base of knowledge whilst targeting key information that the learner nurse needs to be confident in cardiovascular care.

    Drawing on current UK guidance, Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Easy is rooted soundly in current standards of practice. It is an essential resource for any nurse new to cardiovascular care in the UK, as well as those wishing to refresh their knowledge.

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  • Canadian Community As Partner

    Canadian Community As Partner, 4e

    Theory & Multidisciplinary Practice

    Ardene Robinson Vollman, Elizabeth T. Anderson, Judith McFarlane

    Prepare your Canadian population, public health, health promotion, and nursing students for effective community practice.
    Reflecting the challenges of community practice in today’s diverse society, this 4th Edition of Vollman’s easy-to-read text helps Canadian community health practitioners and students make the paradigm shift to community as partner.  This acclaimed book presents the Canadian Community as Partner Model in the context of population and community health promotion. Section 1 provides the foundation for community and population health practice, which is detailed in Section 2. A unique third section demonstrates how the Canadian Community as Partner model can be applied in a variety of Canadian settings – from coast to coast to coast - with diverse populations.
    Highlights of the 4th Edition:
    • All new case studies in Section 3 are drawn from actual Canadian practice and range from “Flood Disaster Response” (Alberta)” to “The Inunnguiniq Parenting Program” (Nunavut), to “Together Yet Living Apart” (Prince Edward Island).
    • Diagrams, tables, and frameworks highlight core theoretical concepts.
    • An array of real-life, engaging examples bring theory to life.
    • Chapter-opening Learning Objectives focus attention on important content.
    • Take Note boxes highlight key concepts as the authors take readers through the steps of the Canadian Community as Partner process from assessment to evaluation.
    • Critical Thinking Exercises throughout encourage review, reflection, and application.
    • An expanded array of teaching and learning resources help students succeed and save faculty time.

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  • Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Visual!

    Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Visual!, 2e


    Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Visual! Second Edition offers an innovative visual approach to mastering the principles and practice of cardiovascular care. Hundreds of detailed color photographs, diagrams, charts, and other visual aids clarify essential cardiovascular anatomy and physiology and guide nurses through all current physical assessment techniques, diagnostic tests, treatments, emergency procedures, cardiac monitoring methods, and more. This thoroughly updated edition includes current ACLS algorithms and information on congenital cardiac disorders, new diagnostic tests and treatments, and noninvasive cardiac output monitoring.

    Special logos reinforce key points about equipment and procedures and present visual mnemonics, and "Vision Quest" puzzles test readers' knowledge in an entertaining way.  Nurses can foster a quick and thorough understanding of cardiovascular care the Incredibly Visual way - with clear, logical content, written in conversational style, highly-detailed visual aids, and key highlights that help recall what has been learned.

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  • Community & Public Health Nursing

    Community & Public Health Nursing, 9e

    Promoting the Public's Health

    Cherie Rector

    Help your students understand that community/public health nursing skills benefit their nursing practice as well as patient outcomes in acute care
    This student-friendly, highly visual text expands students’ viewpoints from the client-nurse relationship to a population focus. Acknowledging that population-focused tools and interventions are needed in acute care, as infection rates continue to rise and nurse-sensitive outcome indictors are closely monitored, Cherie Rector weaves in meaningful, real-life examples, case studies, and perspectives to help students understand that transitions in care are critical in today’s healthcare system. Covering a multitude of community and public settings, situations, and populations, the book helps students learn about promoting health, preventing disease (not just treating it), and protecting at-risk populations—including the elderly, the LGBT community, and veterans.  This fully updated 9th Edition encourages students to think more globally and covers new innovations and emerging threats to the public’s health. 

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  • Community and Public Health Nursing

    Community and Public Health Nursing, 2e

    Gail A. Harkness, Rosanna DeMarco
    Offering a greater emphasis on evidence-based practice than any other book for the course, Community and Public Health Nursing, 2nd Edition, demonstrates best practices in the field and helps students develop the abstract critical thinking skills and complex reasoning abilities they need to make connections between data and practice decisions. Succinct, manageable, and logically organized, the Second Edition focuses on the individual in the context of the community setting and on the global community, reflecting increasingly global healthcare concerns.
    To help students develop the clinical judgment they will need in their future careers, the book includes an exceptional array of case-based activities. Case studies in every chapter focus on regional, national, and international community settings and are supported by online answers, discussion questions, and reflective journaling assignments. In addition, five unique, interactive online case studies complement each Part in the text. Finally, the expanded and visually enhanced “Adam’s County” online resource includes case-based questions, activities, critical thinking assignments, and—new to this edition—suggested answers.
    The Second Edition features an increased focus on non-communicable diseases as a global trend, enhanced content on program evaluation, new examples, and a wide range of online teaching and learning resources to save you time and help your students succeed.
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  • Community as Partner

    Community as Partner, 7e

    Theory and Practice in Nursing

    Elizabeth T. Anderson, Judith McFarlane
    Providing a practical framework for professional nursing practice in the community, Community as Partner, 7e helps students and practicing nurses develop the knowledge and skills they need to develop true partnerships with communities. User-friendly, well written, and clearly organized, this award-winning book focuses on the nursing process, community assessment, and the development of community health programs.
    Packed with real life examples and the latest information in the field, the book covers community nursing theory and practice, exploring public health, rural communities, vulnerable populations, occupational health, school health, epidemiology, cultural competence, community assessment, global health issues, and more. Coverage of global health in Chapter 1 allows readers to explore the multifaceted, global nature of community and public health nursing from the start.
    Online resources include learning objectives for every chapter and Adam’s County interactive case studies, which provide case-based questions and activities about a fictional county to develop students’ critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills.
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