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  • Essentials of Skeletal Radiology (2 Volume Set)

    Essentials of Skeletal Radiology (2 Volume Set), 3e

    Terry R. Yochum, Lindsay J. Rowe

    The fully updated Third Edition of this successful text covers the full spectrum of radiology, continuing its tradition of excellence. Useful both as a learning tool across the chiropractic curriculum and as a reference and clinical aid to practitioners, the text helps readers distinguish key radiologic features—invaluable in clinical decision making.

    This edition incorporates the latest imaging technologies—including SPECT bone scan, diagnostic ultrasound, helical 3D CT, and MRI—and features more than 4,500 images obtained with state-of-the-art techniques. Coverage includes new chapters on soft-tissue imaging and paraspinal abnormalities and more information on sports-related injuries.

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  • Fundamentals of Musculoskeletal Assessment Techniques

    Fundamentals of Musculoskeletal Assessment Techniques, 2e

    M. Lynn Palmer, Marcia Epler
    Organized by region, this text provides the fundamentals of evaluation and examination techniques of the musculoskeletal system. Each region begins with step-by-step instructions for goniometry, manual muscle testing, muscle length, joint accessory motions and special orthopedic tests. Special discussions of posture and gait analysis are also included. New in this edition is a chapter on Assessment of Pain. The discussion on the Spine has been expanded to three chapters -- Cervical, Thoracolumbar Spine and Sacroiliac Joint.
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  • Muscles: Testing and Function, with Posture and Pain

    Muscles: Testing and Function, with Posture and Pain, 5e

    Florence P. Kendall, Elizabeth Kendall McCreary, Patricia G. Provance, Mary Rodgers, William Romani

    This renowned classic provides unparalleled coverage of manual muscle testing, plus evaluation and treatment of faulty and painful postural conditions. The thoroughly updated Fifth Edition is completely reorganized and has new, expanded treatment and exercise sections in each chapter. Other features include a new section on post-polio syndrome, additional case studies comparing Guillain-Barré to polio muscle tests, a new full-color design, and a first-of-its-kind chart of upper extremity articulations.

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  • Anatomy and Injuries of the Shoulder Anatomical Chart

    Anatomy and Injuries of the Shoulder Anatomical Chart

    Anatomical Chart Company

  • Anatomy and Injuries of the Spine

    Anatomy and Injuries of the Spine

    Anatomical Chart

    Anatomical Chart Company

    Anatomy and Injuries of the Spine Anatomical Chart includes normal anatomy of the spine and common injuries. This chart focuses on injuries rather than disorders and includes fractures, herniated disc, and spinal cord injury.

    Clearly labeled  full color illustrations show nomal spine anatomy and a cross-section view of a vertebra.  Also included are anterior and posterior depictions of the Dematome map. 
    The following injuries are shown with clearly labeled illustrations:
    Spondylolisthesis with cord injury
    Dislocation of thoracic vertebra
    Burst Fracture
    Compression Fracture
    Burst fracture of thoracic vertebra
    Herniated disc

     Made in the USA.

    Available in the following versions :    

    •   20" x 26" heavy paper laminated with grommets at top corners   ISBN  9780781786676
    •   20" x 26" heavy paper                                                                             ISBN  9780781786669
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  • The Chiropractic Theories

    The Chiropractic Theories, 4e

    A Textbook of Scientific Research

    Robert A. Leach
    Designed to be a primary reference for chiropractic students, this is a concise, scientific survey of chiropractic theories based on current research. Completely restructured for the Fourth Edition, this book focuses on the most current biomedical research on the three phase model of vertebral subluxation complex (V.S.C.). This is a useful reference for students studying for the National Board of Chiropractors Examination Parts II, III, and IV, as well as a post-graduate reference providing information on the chiropractic perspective on health and wellness, nutrition, exercise, psychosocial issues, and case management principles for wellness care.
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  • Clinical Electrophysiology

    Clinical Electrophysiology, 3e

    Electrotherapy and Electrophysiologic Testing

    Andrew J. Robinson, Lynn Snyder-Mackler

    Organized by therapeutic goals, the Third Edition of this comprehensive textbook on electrotherapies provides a fundamental understanding of contemporary, evidence-based intervention and assessment procedures. The text takes a problem-oriented approach and recommends interventions consistent with both theory and the clinical efficacy of the intervention for specific, clearly identified clinical disorders.

    This edition has a new chapter on electrical stimulation and biofeedback for genitourinary dysfunction, including incontinence management in both women and men. All the intervention-based chapters have a new format that emphasizes evidence-based practice and practical application. Additional self-study questions are included in each chapter.


    • New chapter on Electrical Stimulation and Biofeedback for Genitourinary Dysfunction (Chapter 9) includes topics such as incontinence management in both women and men, and gives solid evidence to support or refute specific procedures.
    • New organization
    • Chapter on mechanisms of pain transmission and pain control with electrotherapy will be moved up to chapter 4 to make the first four chapters the theoretical basis for the clinical application chapters that follow.
    • Chapter on electrophysiologic evaluation will become the last chapter (chapter 12) in order to enable students to meet core educational competencies.
    • New chapter format for the intervention chapters (chapters 5-11) adds consistency and clarity to emphasize evidenced-based practice and practical application.
    • Additional self-study questions are included in each chapter to enhance understanding of key concepts.
    • New emphasis on evidence-based preferential practice patterns.
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  • Clinical Mastery in the Treatment of Myofascial Pain

    Clinical Mastery in the Treatment of Myofascial Pain

    Lucy Whyte Ferguson, Robert Gerwin

    This concise and easily referenced clinical text brings together editors from a range of disciplines—including chiropractic, osteopathy, physical therapy, and medicine—to address therapeutic approaches to common muscle and joint pain. Organized by chief complaint, each chapter follows a structured format that takes readers from overview and assessment, through a case history, to a planned program of rehabilitation, generalization to similar conditions, and a treatment protocol.

    Readers will explore key differences in assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation—a great aid in choosing the best therapy for each patient. The book’s practical, case study approach addresses a variety of factors affecting myofascial integrity, including psychological issues, sleep patterns, nutrition, and fitness. A glossary defines interdisciplinary nomenclature.

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  • Core Stability Training DVD

    Core Stability Training DVD

    Craig Liebenson
    Core Stability training, derived from Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates, focuses on the importance of your body’s form during a workout: your position and alignment will be emphasized on all your repetitions.  This DVD focuses on the quality of movement, which will help you avoid the injuries associated with modern strength training and will allow you to enhance your performance.  Emphasis is on the functional usage of muscles, providing the body with an envelope of stability.  Each exercise will teach you how to perform the movement, where to feel the stretch, and will identify the typical mistakes and how to avoid them.

    Specific methods covered include abdominal brace, dying bugs, the bird dog, side bridge, planks, curl-up, superman on the ball, bridges, hamstring curls and more. The DVD also covers common health club mistakes and shows you Dr. Liebenson’s version of popular methods from leading experts from Europe and North America.

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  • Flexibility, Yoga Training, and Ergonomic Postural Advice DVD

    Flexibility, Yoga Training, and Ergonomic Postural Advice DVD

    Craig Liebenson
    Flexibility, Yoga Training, and Ergonomic Postural Advice DVD contains three parts: Yoga and Respiration, Ergonomics and Posture, and Flexibility and Yoga. Yoga and Respiration focuses on respiration, the foundation for all exercise. You’ll learn to combat shallow breathing that comes from work-related stress. In the Ergonomics and Posture section, you'll learn how to manage the stress of working in an office environment and how to overcome the postural effects that come from extended sitting.  Flexibility and Yoga focuses on good breathing techniques and perfect posture. This section will help you learn to achieve good breathing and perfect posture, important to maintain a stress-free lifestyle.

    The signature of this DVD is its emphasis on diaphragmatic breathing.  Alongside proper breathing advice, awareness of functionally centrated postures is emphasized in all movements.  Workstation ergonomics, postural micro-breaks, and spine sparing hip hinge techniques are all described.  Finally, rather than simply show stretches for a myriad of muscles functional dynamic, release techniques are shown for the most common stiff regions – the hip and mid-thoracic spine.

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  • Foundations of Osteopathic Medicine

    Foundations of Osteopathic Medicine, 3e

    American Osteopathic AssociationAnthony Chila

    Thoroughly revised for its Third Edition, Foundations of Osteopathic Medicine is the most comprehensive, current osteopathic text. This American Osteopathic Association publication defines the terminology and techniques of the field and is the standard text for teaching the profession. It provides broad, multidisciplinary coverage of osteopathic considerations in the basic sciences, behavioral sciences, family practice and primary care, and the clinical specialties and demonstrates a wide variety of osteopathic manipulative methods.

    This edition features expanded coverage of international practice and includes a new chapter on the structure of the profession. Other new chapters include coding and billing and nutrition. This edition also has standard chapter formats for each section.

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  • Functional Performance Training DVD

    Functional Performance Training DVD

    Craig Liebenson
    Perfect for individuals of all ages and fitness levels, the Functional Performance Training DVD is the key to restoring function and maintaining an active lifestyle.  Through activity and sport-specific training, this DVD helps to train balance, agility, and power for your whole body.  Functional training involves the same movements you use in your daily life.

    This DVD emphasizes movement patterns which are important for daily tasks and sport or recreational activities. In contrast to traditional strength training which isolates individual muscles, Dr. Liebenson guides you in functionally integrated patterns that you will use in pushing, pulling, lifting, or carrying activities. This DVD will help you gain a basic movement literacy in the fundamental A,B,Cs of agility, balance, and coordination.

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  • Functional Training Handbook

    Functional Training Handbook, 1e

    Craig Liebenson

    Reach a whole new level of physical training with Functional Training Handbook, whose big-picture approach to movement fosters lifelong health, mobility, and athletic development. This practical guide delivers clear, how-to- information, an array of sport-specific guidelines, and key principles that will keep your clients at peak performance.  Join the revolution to improve sports performance, treat injury, and re-train patterns with this comprehensive guide to the body and its movement.

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  • Greenman's Principles of Manual Medicine

    Greenman's Principles of Manual Medicine, 5e

    Lisa A. DeStefano

    With a focus on the “how” and “why” of manual medicine techniques, Greenman’s Principles of Manual Medicine, Fifth Edition, gives you the tools you need to improve patients’ neuromusculoskeletal system function. Covering the foundations of manual medicine as well as specific techniques for diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal pain, this popular guide features more than 1,000 photographs that walk you step by step through each technique. Taking you systematically from principles and concepts, through specific techniques and procedures, to clinical correlations, this new edition is thoroughly up to date, and features a clinical focus that prepares you for today’s practice. 

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  • Health Promotion and Wellness

    Health Promotion and Wellness

    An Evidence-Based Guide to Clinical Preventive Services

    Cheryl Hawk, Will Evans

    Health Promotion and Wellness is designed to provide health care providers with both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills they need to provide high-quality clinical preventive services. This unique resource is separated into two sections: The first section gives information on risks, ways providers can assess for risk and tools they can use to advise and help patients move forward. The second section is a tool kit with information, resources, tools and other items that can help the clinician provide evidence-based, patient-centered information to their patients.

    This accessible reference provide readers with the basic elements necessary to help their patients change their health behavior related to the most prevalent risk factors, and to serve as a springboard to keep pace with the latest evidence arising in the applied science of wellness, prevention and health promotion. 

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  • Liebenson's Functional Training DVDs and Handbook

    Liebenson's Functional Training DVDs and Handbook

    Craig Liebenson
    Save over $40 when you order the complete package of Dr. Liebenson’s outstanding resources!
    Improve sports performance, treat and prevent injury, re-train patterns, and much more with this comprehensive, multimedia package!  The Functional Training Handbook helps you reach a whole new level of physical training while fostering lifelong health, mobility, and athletic development. World-renowned author, teacher, and health care provider Dr. Craig Liebenson provides clear, how-to information, sports-specific guidelines, and key principles that will keep you and your clients at peak performance.
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  • Low Back Pain

    Low Back Pain, 7e

    Mechanism, Diagnosis and Treatment

    James M Cox

    The Seventh Edition of this textbook is built upon the peer-reviewed literature and research studies in the diagnosis and treatment of low back and radicular pain, focusing on the nonsurgical chiropractic adjusting methods. This text is the culmination of twelve years of updated research and development of spinal manipulation. From spinal stenosis to rehabilitation of low back pain patients to the latest treatise on fibromyalgia, you’ll find it all in Low Back Pain, Seventh Edition.

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  • Myofascial Massage

    Myofascial Massage

    Marian Wolfe Dixon

    This invaluable resource will help practitioners and students sort out differences and similarities between popular myofascial styles. Early chapters offer a solid review of anatomy and physiology as they relate to myofascial massage. Subsequent chapters focus on specific direct and indirect techniques and adjunctive self-care recommendations for clients, including the neuromuscular approach, hatha yoga and exercise to support myofascial massage, and the craniosacral approach. Readers will learn the proper procedure for each myofascial technique and understand how to integrate myofascial massage into bodywork practice. Whether you're looking to broaden your perspective of massage or find the myofascial approach and technique that best suits you and your client, Myofascial Massage is sure to help.

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  • An Osteopathic Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment

    An Osteopathic Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment, 3e

    Eileen L. DiGiovanna, Stanley Schiowitz, Dennis J. Dowling

    Osteopathic medical students and faculty benefit from a uniquely practical text that organizes osteopathic concepts and step-by-step techniques into a single comprehensive volume. This new edition includes new, all-important updates on somatic and visceral problems, writing the osteopathic manipulative prescription, and case histories to reflect changes in the national licensing examination. The book’s integrated method for diagnosis and treatment embraces basic osteopathic history and philosophy, osteopathic palpation and manipulation, and specific manipulative treatments and concepts. Abundant photographs demonstrate step-by-step techniques. Meticulous illustrations depict underlying anatomy.

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  • Pediatric Chiropractic

    Pediatric Chiropractic, 2e

    Claudia A. Anrig, Gregory Plaugher
    Pediatric Chiropractic, Second edition is a comprehensive resource that covers a wide range of information on pediatric chiropractic care. An international panel of 42 experts contributed to this book. Among the many topics covered are: care during pregnancy and the perinatal period, subluxation, clinical and radiological examination, child abuse, adolescent health, spinal trauma, scoliosis, pediatric nutrition, vaccination issues, and full spine and cranial adjustments.  This reference carefully illustrates that the chiropractor is an appropriate and necessary provider of health care for children.
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