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Lippincott’s Docucare is an online student learning system built by educators for educators. It provides students with the opportunity to build patient records based on classroom activity and simulation scenarios. This online clinical reasoning tool helps instructors assess performance as it prepares students for modern nursing practice.

  • Documentation Practice Students can record assessments, vital signs, medication administration and more to enhance clinical reasoning skills.
  • Assess Your Class DocuCare’s instructor resources allow you to assess class performance with the click of a button.
  • Customisation Develop and add to the preloaded patient case scenarios in DocuCare.
  • Web-Based Resource Works on all computers and tablets–available anytime, anywhere!
  • True to Life Educational Platform DocuCare allows students to learn from their mistakes and successes in a safe environment.
  • User-Friendly Design The highly accessible resource makes documentation easy for the student and assessment simple for the lecturer.
  • Non-Linear User Interface A Non-Linear User Interface encourages the student to develop clinical reasoning skills in documentation and assessment

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