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Lippincott’s CoursePoint is the only integrated digital course solution for nursing education, combining the power of adaptive learning with the textbook and interactive resources. Powered by PrepU, Lippincott’s CoursePoint creates a personalized learning experience that drives students to immediate remediation in their text. eBook and course resources are also immediately available in the same platform to help expand on concepts and bring them to life.

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With adaptive learning, powered by PrepU, the quiz results tell the students precisely what pages to read to be completely prepared for the next lecture or exam. In Lippincott’s CoursePoint, that text is now available to students at the moment they confirm they do not understand a concept. They can immediately access their eBook from within the same platform, clicking from the quiz Answer Key to the cited ebook page in an instant - remediation is immediate and thorough to ensure student comprehension.

With Lippincott’s CoursePoint, instructors can collaborate with students at any time, identify common misunderstandings, evaluate student comprehension, and differentiate instruction as needed. And students can learn and retain course material in an adaptive, personalized way, learning is much more efficient, and completes the student learning experience in an engaging and interactive way.

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