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Representing the work of over 3,000 researchers and endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine, this new online fitness assessment tool reflects the way students learn today.Total Fitness Assessment (TFA) is the perfect tool to enable students to perform assessments and calculations for more than 750 physical fitness assessments. It is a subscription-based, evidence-based online product—perfect for courses in Exercise Physiology, Exercise Testing and Prescription, Strength and Conditioning, Fitness Assessment, or Personal Training. 

Web-based and optimised for easy access on today’s most popular mobile devices, Total Fitness Assessment:

  • provides all references and calculations
  • presents interactive nomograms and graphs that bring assessments to life
  • includes PAR-Q, coronary risk questionnaire, and informed consent forms
  • allows students to perform risk-analysis, calculate fitness assessments taken in the laboratory, and analyze results
  • demonstrates how to create exercise prescriptions

TFA encompasses all of the major and most popular aerobic fitness, body composition, and musculoskeletal fitness tests and assessments in the field.  No other software program comes close to the breadth of tests included in this one package. TFA’s interface is intuitive and well-organised which enables the user to easily learn and apply exercise testing and prescription recommendations from peer reviewed research studies and the most current recommendations of the ACSM.”

 -American College of Sports Medicine



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