Douglas J. Gould

  • BRS Neuroanatomy

    BRS Neuroanatomy, 5e

    Douglas J. Gould, James D. Fix
    BRS Neuroanatomy is a succinct outline-format review for USMLE, other licensing exams, and course exams. This title includes over 600USMLE-style questions with complete answers and explanations, with exams at the end of each chapter and an end-of-book Comprehensive Examination.
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  • High-Yield™ Neuroanatomy

    High-Yield™ Neuroanatomy, 5e

    Douglas J. Gould, Jennifer K. Brueckner-Collins, James D. Fix

  • Lippincott's Pocket Neuroanatomy

    Lippincott's Pocket Neuroanatomy

    Douglas J. Gould

    Lippincott’s Pocket Neuroanatomy is a go-to reference, review, and study tool for neuroanatomy and neuroscience with a strong focus on high-yield topics and presentation. It presents the essential information needed for course and board exam review in a concise, quick-reference format with tables, full-color images, and bullet-point text. The book contains multiple features identifying the clinical significance of concepts, as well as mnemonics to aid in the retention of facts. An index of terms provides easy access to facts on all neuroanatomical structures and pathways. This pocket-sized reference intuits how students typically study for exams and provides highly distilled content in one easily portable source. It is ideal for medical, dental, allied health, and graduate school students and appropriate for courses in nursing, pre-pharmacy, pre-med, and kinesiology.

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  • Moore's Clinical Anatomy Flash Cards

    Moore's Clinical Anatomy Flash Cards, 2e

    Douglas J. Gould

    This clinically relevant anatomy flash card set is based on the concepts and full-color images in Moore's Clinically Oriented Anatomy. The card set is a convenient, portable study tool for gross anatomy courses, exam preparation, clinical anatomy review during clerkships, and dental and allied health students.

    New to this edition:

    • 16 introductory cards that give an overview of the major systems
    • New and improved artwork from the 7th edition of Clinically Oriented Anatomy
    • Additional diagrams, illustrations, and clinical photos
    • A hole punch and metal key ring for easy organization and studying on the go

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  • Neuroanatomía

    Neuroanatomía, 5e

    Serie Revisión de temas

    Douglas J. Gould

  • Neuroanatomía de bolsillo

    Neuroanatomía de bolsillo

    Douglas J. Gould

    Neuroanatomía de bolsillo es una herramienta de consulta exhaustiva, revisión y estudio de la neuroanatomía con un fuerte enfoque en cuestiones útiles y necesarias para aprobar los exámenes. Se presenta la información esencial que se necesita para la materia de neuroanatomía y el examen, en un formato conciso y de referencia rápida con tablas, imágenes a todo color y texto con viñetas. El libro contiene varias características que identifican la importancia clínica de los conceptos, así como nemotecnias para ayudar en la retención de los hechos. Un índice de términos y la organización por sistemas codificada en colores facilitan el acceso a los datos neuroanatómicos. Este libro de bolsillo trata de “intuir” cómo los estudiantes suelen estudiar para los exámenes y provee contenido altamente condensado en sólo un espacio. Además, es muy fácil de transportar.

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  • Sidman's Neuroanatomy

    Sidman's Neuroanatomy, 2e

    A Programmed Learning Tool

    Douglas J. Gould, Jennifer K. Brueckner-Collins

    Sidman's Neuroanatomy: A Programmed Learning Tool, Second Edition is an innovative combined neuroanatomy text and review that covers the structure of the entire nervous system. Its unique programmed learning approach allows students to easily retain information and learn at their own pace by slowly building on previously learned concepts throughout each chapter.

    The programmed learning approach introduces new information and reviews previously learned information by presenting it in new contexts, calling attention to important details and illustrating steps in a reasoning process. This learning method adds to and reinforces the student's understanding and retention of neuroanatomical knowledge.

    This edition features updated illustrations, a systems-based organization, and new concepts on the cerebellum, extrapyramidal pathways, special sensory pathways, diencephalon, ventricular system, and vascular anatomy. Terminology has been updated to conform to Terminologia Anatomica.

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