• Gerontological Nursing

    Gerontological Nursing, 9e

    Charlotte Eliopoulos

  • Healthy Aging

    Healthy Aging

    Principles and Clinical Practice for Clinicians

    Virginia Burggraf, Kye Y Kim, Aubrey L Knight
    Includes 29 chapters, divided into chronic illness both physical and emotional, cover only the most common illnesses of older adults.  The chapters are consistent in their framework and are embedded with current treatment modalities. This text incorporates the holistic framework that comprises geriatric care in partnership with physicians, gerontologists and nurses.  The multiple contributions address these partnerships and illustrate the need for APN practice within multiple professional modalities.  The uniqueness of this text is not only in these identified partnerships, but also in addressing the Healthy People 2020 objectives that all practitioners must incorporate into their practice.
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