• Gerontological Nursing

    Gerontological Nursing, 9e

    Charlotte Eliopoulos

  • Healthy Aging

    Healthy Aging

    Principles and Clinical Practice for Clinicians

    Virginia Burggraf, Kye Y Kim, Aubrey L Knight
    Includes 29 chapters, divided into chronic illness both physical and emotional, cover only the most common illnesses of older adults.  The chapters are consistent in their framework and are embedded with current treatment modalities. This text incorporates the holistic framework that comprises geriatric care in partnership with physicians, gerontologists and nurses.  The multiple contributions address these partnerships and illustrate the need for APN practice within multiple professional modalities.  The uniqueness of this text is not only in these identified partnerships, but also in addressing the Healthy People 2020 objectives that all practitioners must incorporate into their practice.
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  • Miller's Nursing for Wellness in Older Adults

    Miller's Nursing for Wellness in Older Adults, 1e

    Sandra Hirst, Annette Lane, Carol A. Miller

    Miller's Nursing for Wellness in Older Adults was adapted for the Canadian audience with its focus on the older Canadian and the professional Canadian based nurse.  This Canadian approach enables students and registered nurses to acquire fundamental knowledge about the health issues faced by older Canadians and the resources that this country can offer us to provide quality nursing care. 
    In every chapter of this textbook, students will have access to Canadian content and resources abound.  The authors have showcased and shared many of the best practices that were developed and are being used in this country.  In addition, they specifically added an evidence-informed nursing practice box that illustrates some of the research being done in this country.  This is research that provides you and us, as Canadian nurses, with the evidence to inform our nursing practice.  Evidence-informed practice is an expectation of the Canadian Nurses Association and all provincial / territorial jurisdictions. 

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  • Nursing for Wellness in Older Adults

    Nursing for Wellness in Older Adults, 7e

    Carol A. Miller
    This updated Seventh Edition of Carol Miller’s acclaimed RN-level text covers the theory and practice of wellness-oriented gerontological nursing, addressing both physiologic and psychosocial aspects of aging. Organized around the author's unique Functional Consequences Theory, the book explores age-related changes as well as the risk factors that often interfere with optimal health and functioning.
    The Seventh Edition includes a new focus on caregiver wellness, quality care concerns, and AACN/HIGN standards, ensuring students are prepared to implement safe, effective practice. In addition, an expanded array of online resources saves instructors time and helps students succeed.
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