Hazel M. Clarkson

  • Joint Motion and Function Assessment

    Joint Motion and Function Assessment

    A Research-Based Practical Guide

    Hazel M. Clarkson

    This new resource is a comprehensive view of the clinical evaluation and functional application of joint range of motion. Coverage includes discussions of different types of goniometers, alternate methods of assessment, the reliability and validity of other joint ROM tools, and contraindications and precautions. This book also provides a complete review of surface anatomy and instruction on palpation technique and therapist posture and positioning when evaluating ROM.

    Numerous illustrations depict the therapist's hand and goniometer positions in relation to deep anatomical structures. Case studies and practical examination forms are also included.

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  • Musculoskeletal Assessment

    Musculoskeletal Assessment, 3e

    Joint Motion and Muscle Testing

    Hazel M. Clarkson