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  • Anatomy & Physiology

    Anatomy & Physiology, 3e

    The Massage Connection

    Kalyani Premkumar

    Created specifically for massage therapy students, the Third Edition of Anatomy & Physiology: The Massage Connection elucidates anatomy and physiology with clear, concise language complemented by an extraordinary multilayer art program. Organized to cover each body system and align with current massage therapy curricula, topics have been streamlined so that those areas critical for massage therapy—such as the musculoskeletal system—receive special coverage, whereas excessive detail in areas not relevant for massage is omitted. This edition also delivers a host of review activities in addition to a blockbuster ancillary package of online tools and complementary resources.


    Anatomy & Physiology: The Massage Connection is just that—the link between the science of medicine and the art of massage as well as a bridge for students to a successful career in massage therapy.

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  • Applied Anatomy & Physiology for Manual Therapists

    Applied Anatomy & Physiology for Manual Therapists

    Pat Archer, Lisa A. Nelson

    Provides all of the anatomy and physiology knowledge a massage therapist needs in a way they can better understand! Applied Anatomy and Physiology for Manual Therapists is a clear, accurate, simple, and comprehensive A&P textbook that focuses on the needs of students in manual therapy education programs. It is a focused text that deliberately emphasizes the information manual therapists need to be familiar with in order to understand the benefits, effects, indications, and contraindications of their specific form of manual therapy. The text includes detailed information not covered in standard A&P texts, adding an entire chapter on neuromuscular and myofascial connections (Chapter 8), and separating the structure and function of the lymphatic system (Chapter 11) from immunity and healing (Chapter 12). This, along with chapter features such as Manual Therapy Applications, Pathology Alerts, and What Do You Think questions, help readers build bridges between the scientific facts and the application of that information to their therapeutic practice.

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  • Aromatherapy for Massage Practitioners

    Aromatherapy for Massage Practitioners

    Ingrid Martin

    This book is a complete guide for massage therapists interested in adding aromatherapy to their practice. It addresses practical concerns such as pricing sessions to account for the cost of oils, proper dilutions, sending products home with clients, and effective formulations for specific ailments.

    Case studies present specific ailments in clinical scenarios, with proper aromatherapy and massage treatments. Recipe Boxes provide directions for blending essential oils. Activity boxes develop readers' decision-making skills. Essential oil monographs discuss the history, traditional uses, safety considerations, and most effective use in massage therapy of 50 individual essential oils. Review questions appear in every chapter.

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  • Body Mechanics for Manual Therapists

    Body Mechanics for Manual Therapists, 3e

    A Functional Approach to Self-Care

    Barbara Frye

    Present these crucial self-care strategies to ensure long, and healthy careers in manual therapy!

    Manual therapists provide their clients with a myriad of services, from relaxation, to pain relief, to recovery after illness, and more. Nonetheless, many manual therapists are not accurately trained on how to care for themselves while they care for others. In the third edition of her one-of-a-kind book Body Mechanics for Manual Therapists: A Functional Approach to Self-Care, Barbara Frye outlines a holistic approach to safe practice that can help therapists have long careers free from work-related injury, or chronic pain.

    Featuring over 200 full-color illustrations, this edition builds on the Second Edition by assisting manual therapists in becoming involved in developing a self-care strategy. Each chapter starts with a brief narrative explanation of a movement, followed by hands-on exercises, self-observation exercises, self-care and injury prevention tips, and client education tips. Appendices discuss successful body mechanics for spa therapy, transferring clients, and floor work, and present troubleshooting and preventive strategies for common repetitive stress injuries.

    A companion Website offers fully searchable online text and video clips that demonstrate proper technique.

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  • Business Mastery

    Business Mastery, 5e

    Cherie M. Sohnen-Moe

    For the past three decades, Business Mastery has served as a trusted guide for people seeking to live their career dreams. It is specifically designed to support readers on their journey to a fulfilling and financially rewarding career. In the pages of this innovative, time-tested book, readers will find everything needed to launch and effectively manage a thriving practice. It also includes practical tools and tips for how to market one’s skills, work smarter, develop alliances through networking, fine-tune communication skills, and increase profits.
    The 5th edition is completely updated and includes new information about the psychological aspects of purchasing, the purchasing cycle, how to effectively build an online presence, and tips on how Internet marketing can boost business growth.
    Business Mastery is filled with resources to help readers stay balanced, increase their client base, get organized, clearly define goals, and, most importantly, keep doing what they’re passionate about while creating an excellent income stream. Developing business savvy is key to success—whether working for someone else or being self-employed. Whichever path is chosen, readers can count on Business Mastery to help make their dreams a reality.    

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  • Comfort Touch

    Comfort Touch

    Massage for the Elderly and the Ill

    Mary Kathleen Rose

    Comfort Touch: Massage for the Elderly and the Ill is a textbook designed to inform the caregiver who is interested in bringing the benefits of touch to a broad range of people in need. It will give the reader the confidence to practice massage in a variety of settings, including hospices, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and home care. The practitioner can learn techniques that are safe and appropriate for the population for whom conventional massage may cause discomfort or even injury. It gives the reader an understanding of the physical and emotional needs of the elderly and those suffering from chronic illness and/or injury. The book is ideal for massage practitioners and students as well as nursing and allied health professionals.

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  • Hands Heal

    Hands Heal, 4e

    Communication, Documentation, and Insurance Billing for Manual Therapists

    Diana L. Thompson

  • Introduction to Massage Therapy

    Introduction to Massage Therapy, 3e

    Mary Beth Braun

    Practical,   concise, and well-illustrated, Introduction to Massage Therapy, 3rd Edition provides everything you need to build strong, foundation skills that will carry you throughout your studies, help you prepare for the national exam, and launch you into a successful career as a massage therapist.  This proven book includes step-by-step instructions for massage techniques, assessments, and treatments, along with striking photos that illustrate difficult-to-understand concepts. 

    As the most concise introductory book on the market, Introduction to Massage Therapy makes it easy for you to find the information you need when you need it, while coverage of anatomy and physiology, pathology, and pharmacology integrated with techniques helps you understand the science behind the practice.   

    The Third Edition is enhanced by new evidence-based references and new online videos that demonstrate common procedures, techniques, and flow sequences. You’ll also find practical information that will help you create and maintain a successful massage therapy practice, including communication and documentation tips, safety and self-care practices, and essential business concepts.

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  • Massage and Manual Therapy for Orthopedic Conditions

    Massage and Manual Therapy for Orthopedic Conditions, 2e

    Thomas Hendrickson

    This book introduces massage techniques for orthopedic conditions, promoting the alignment of soft tissue relating to pain and dysfunction. An essential manual for clinical massage therapy, it contains brief descriptions of rationale behind orthopedic massage, mechanisms of injury to and repair of soft tissue, and anatomy of each body area.

    The Second Edition also includes detailed assessment for each body region, discusses common lesions, and provide illustrated instructions on how to administer this scientifically based style of massage. Based on traditional orthopedic assessment protocols, coverage includes range of motion, passive and isometric testing, and tests that determine the severity of a condition or injury.

    A companion Website includes full text online, video clips, image bank, PowerPoint slides, lesson plans, and test generator.

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  • Massage Mastery

    Massage Mastery

    From Student to Professional

    Anne Williams
    Lippincott Williams & Wilkins is pleased to introduce this exciting new first edition text from author Anne Williams. Massage Mastery: From Student to Professional is a comprehensive introductory massage text with robust pedagogical features and pacing to meet the needs of a wide array of massage students. Topics are structured to allow for manageable reading assignments that build a student’s sense of accomplishment and motivation.

    Written and designed for today's adult learner, the book offers a broad discussion of foundation massage with appropriate depth for a beginning student progressing to an entry-level professional. It also contains new topics that are necessary to prepare today’s adult learners for successful massage careers.  A helpful appendix on health care terminology, a comprehensive massage glossary, and a robust set of ancillary materials complete the package. The companion Study Guide contains topic-specific Rubrics, Learning Contracts, and a variety of exercises and activities for students. 
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  • A Massage Therapist's Guide to Business

    A Massage Therapist's Guide to Business

    Laura Allen
    This reader-friendly guide encourages students to master the essential business skills needed to develop themselves as massage therapy professionals. Whether they are interested in running their own business or working as an employee or business partner in a business, this book covers everything students need to know, from starting a business to managing finances to implementing policies and procedures.  Relying on a "driving" theme that enforces how developing a massage business is a journey, the book includes several unique features, such as:
    --Roadside Assistance, where the author provides practical, hands-on advice from her own experience
    --My Personal Journey, which includes tools to help students document their own journe
    --Humorous cartoons to support a fun tone while clearly illustrating the author’s recommendations for handling key business situations
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  • Massage Therapist’s Guide to Pathology

    Massage Therapist’s Guide to Pathology, 6e

    Critical Thinking and Practical Application

    Ruth Werner

  • Medical Conditions and Massage Therapy

    Medical Conditions and Massage Therapy

    A Decision Tree Approach

    Tracy Walton
    Present this quick, effective method for assessing and managing common medical conditions! The central tool of this text is the decision tree, a simple flowchart that helps students quickly determine the optimal massage therapy approach for specific medical conditions. A Decision Tree is included for each of the more than 50 conditions discussed in the book, with massage considerations listed for numerous additional conditions in brief. Also unique to this text are questions therapists can ask clients during the interview process to help the therapist understand not just the medical condition, but how it presents in a particular client.
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  • Modern Hydrotherapy for the Massage Therapist

    Modern Hydrotherapy for the Massage Therapist

    Marybetts Sinclair

    This text offers a modern approach to hydrotherapy— the use of water, ice, steam, and hot and cold temperatures to improve or maintain health—,as performed by massage therapists. Authored by an experienced massage therapist, this book presents clear, uncomplicated explanations of how hydrotherapy affects the body, and then demonstrates a wide variety of hydrotherapy treatments.

    The book suggests how massage therapists may use hydrotherapy treatments before and during massage sessions, or give these treatments to clients to do between sessions for faster and better results. The author presents real-life examples and case studies obtained through interviews with massage therapists, athletic trainers, physical therapists, naturopathic doctors, aquatic therapists, and medical doctors treating patients in a medical hydrotherapy setting.

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  • Myofascial Massage

    Myofascial Massage

    Marian Wolfe Dixon

    This invaluable resource will help practitioners and students sort out differences and similarities between popular myofascial styles. Early chapters offer a solid review of anatomy and physiology as they relate to myofascial massage. Subsequent chapters focus on specific direct and indirect techniques and adjunctive self-care recommendations for clients, including the neuromuscular approach, hatha yoga and exercise to support myofascial massage, and the craniosacral approach. Readers will learn the proper procedure for each myofascial technique and understand how to integrate myofascial massage into bodywork practice. Whether you're looking to broaden your perspective of massage or find the myofascial approach and technique that best suits you and your client, Myofascial Massage is sure to help.

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  • Neuromuscular Therapy Manual

    Neuromuscular Therapy Manual

    Jocelyn Granger


    Teach your students how to provide healthful, safe neuromuscular massage! This concise manual is based on the highly popular and acclaimed text Travell & Simons' Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manual.  The content is highly structured and organized by body region to help students fully master both neuromuscular massage principles and techniques. Sample routines guide students step by step through massage procedures. Moreover, students can see these neuromuscular massage routines in action on the accompanying website.


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  • Nina McIntosh's The Educated Heart

    Nina McIntosh's The Educated Heart, 4e

    Laura Allen
    Now including an all-new chapter on professional boundaries and the Internet, this fully updated 4th Edition of Nina McIntosh’s The Educated Heart, by Laura Allen provides a conversational style, easy-to-understand explanations of complex psychological dynamics, and practical suggestions for handling everyday boundary situations.
    Packed with real-world examples, and compelling online videos, this practical, compassionate book explores common situations bodyworkers and massage therapists encounter on the job and provides compassionate support and up-to-date information to help readers establish the solid professional boundaries they need for career success and personal well-being.
    The Fourth Edition includes enhanced coverage of the dynamics of the client-practitioner relationship, including specific suggestions for what to say to clients in difficult situations, as well as integrated coverage of the many boundary and confidentiality issues related to social media.
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  • Nurturing Massage for Pregnancy

    Nurturing Massage for Pregnancy

    A Practical Guide to Bodywork for the Perinatal Cycle

    Leslie Stager

    Nurturing Massage for Pregnancy is a comprehensive resource for massage students and licensed massage therapists who treat pregnant, laboring, and postpartum clients. The author is a skilled perinatal massage instructor and a registered nurse, childbirth educator, and doula. The book offers step by step instructions for hundreds of Swedish massage techniques useful during the pregnancy, labor, and postpartum periods. The book also integrates myofascial release, acupressure, reflexology, and bodywork methodologies. Contraindications and precautions are examined, health intakes forms are discussed with sample forms pictured, and case studies highlight concerns and considerations. Video clips demonstrating specific techniques are available online.

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  • Outcome-Based Massage

    Outcome-Based Massage, 3e

    Putting Evidence into Practice

    Carla-Krystin Andrade

    Outcome-Based MassageTM: Putting Evidence into Practice (3rd edition) goes beyond an update of the content of the second edition. In this book, Dr Andrade and a team of contributors who represent the fields of massage therapy, physical therapy, athletic training, education, psychology, medicine, and physiology take the student or practicing clinician to the next level of using Outcome-Based MassageTM in daily clinical practice. This edition enhances and builds upon the strengths of the first two editions as follows:
    ·         Fully updated chapters provide a comprehensive approach to assessment, treatment design, and treatment delivery
    ·         Streamlined presentation of theory and practice enhances the teaching and learning experience
    ·         Quick Treatment Guides provide a colorful, immediate reference for anatomy, pathophysiology, impairments, and wellness goals for 16 musculoskeletal conditions
    ·         New section on the scientific basis of soft-tissue examination provides students and practitioners with the very latest understanding of the emerging body of knowledge in this field
    ·         Review sections in each chapter provide Takeaways that summarize key concepts, critical thinking questions, and clinical cases that illustrate the practical application of the concepts discussed in the chapter
    ·         Precise, instructive photographs and videos give students and practitioners clear, direct guidance for using the techniques presented in this text
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  • Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy

    Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy, 2e

    A Comprehensive Guide to Prenatal, Labor, and Postpartum Practice

    Carole Osborne

    This comprehensive guide to massage during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum contains extensive evidence and practice-based wisdom, grounded in the author’s 38 years as a practitioner and teacher. This edition includes three technique manuals of precise instruction and anatomy-embedded illustrations, plus extensive online technique video clips, teach effective, safe practices.


    Discussions of perinatal research, anatomy, physiology, functional adaptations, and emotional responses, invoke deep understanding for the normalcy of pregnancy. The special needs chapter equips therapists for working cooperatively with medical experts when complications or high risks are involved. Business chapters focus on marketplace success, and include voices of longtime therapists in a variety of settings.


    Book purchase includes exclusive access to online ancillaries featuring a wide range of professional, business and medical resources compiled specifically to prepare readers for the opportunities and challenges of a maternity massage therapy specialization.

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