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  • Marino's The Little ICU Book

    Marino's The Little ICU Book, 2e

    Paul L. Marino, Samuel M. Galvagno
    Quick lookup for the most essential info in critical care! Ideal for quick reference at the bedside, The Little ICU Book is a condensed, compact version of The ICU Book, Dr. Marino’s best-selling comprehensive intensive care reference. While it mirrors most of the chapters in the larger book, The Little ICU Book zeroes in on only the essentials for the hands-on care of critically ill adult patients. Its fast-access format makes it an indispensible resource for residents as well as busy critical care physicians.
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  • Massachusetts General Hospital Review of Critical Care Medicine

    Massachusetts General Hospital Review of Critical Care Medicine

    Sheri M. Berg, Edward A. Bittner

    The MGH Review of Critical Care Medicine
    The field of critical care medicine is evolving quickly. To prepare for certification and refresh their knowledge, today’s practitioners need a concise multidisciplinary review that focuses on the core areas of critical care. Ideal for critical care fellows, critical care nurses, residents, and practitioners who spend time in the ICU, The MGH Review of Critical Care Medicine employs brief chapters on focused topics to help readers review core areas and test their knowledge.

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  • Perioperative Care in Cardiac Anesthesia and Surgery

    Perioperative Care in Cardiac Anesthesia and Surgery

    Davy C.H. Cheng, Tirone E. David

    Written by eminent cardiac anesthesiologists and surgeons, this handbook is a complete, practical guide to perioperative care in cardiac surgery. The book addresses every aspect of cardiopulmonary bypass management and fast-track and traditional cardiac anesthesia and describes all surgical techniques, with emphasis on postoperative considerations. Close attention is also given to routine care and management of complications in the cardiac surgical recovery unit.

    Coverage includes up-to-date information on cardiac and neurologic monitoring, off-pump surgery, new devices for anastomosis, robotic surgery, and neurologic complications and outcomes. Tables, algorithms, and 15 appendices summarize key facts, protocols, and clinical decisions.

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  • Pocket ICU

    Pocket ICU, 2e

    Gyorgy Frendl, Richard D. Urman

    Part of the popular Pocket Notebook Series, Pocket ICU, Second Edition provides concise, evidence-based information for critical care students, interns, residents, and professionals at all levels of experience.  Now fully revised and up to date, this portable handbook can be used for quick, easy reference both in the wards and in the operating room.

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  • Rogers. Manual de cuidados intensivos pediátricos

    Rogers. Manual de cuidados intensivos pediátricos, 5e

    Donald H. Shaffner

    5.ª edición de un clásico de los cuidados intensivos en pediatría y que ya se ha traducido al español en dos ocasiones (McGraw). Portable y fácil de usar, Rogers. Manual de Cuidados Intensivos en pediatría contiene información clave en un formato práctico diseñado para el uso diario. Cerca de 100 capítulos ofrecen una sinopsis clínicamente relevante de la información básica necesaria para una referencia rápida y práctica segura en la Unidad de Cuidados Intensivos (UCI).

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  • Rogers' Handbook of Pediatric Intensive Care

    Rogers' Handbook of Pediatric Intensive Care, 5e

    Donald H. Shaffner
    Portable and easy to use, Rogers’ Handbook of Pediatric Intensive Care, Fourth Edition, contains key information from the best-selling Rogers’ Textbook in a handy format designed for everyday use.  Nearly 100 chapters offer a clinically relevant synopsis of core information needed for quick reference and safe practice in the PICU. 
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  • Rogers' Textbook of Pediatric Intensive Care

    Rogers' Textbook of Pediatric Intensive Care, 5e

    Donald H. Shaffner, David G. Nichols

    The Rogers textbook has been the gold standard in pediatric intensive care through four editions.  For this edition, it will be transformed into a full color text, and it will continue its tradition of clearly explaining both the principles underlying pediatric critical care disease and trauma and how these principles are applied in clinical practice.

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  • The Washington Manual of Critical Care

    The Washington Manual of Critical Care, 3e

    Marin Kollef

    The Washington Manual of Critical Care, similar to other volumes in this vaunted series, features authors and contributors who are faculty members and practicing physicians at Washington University’s School of Medicine. Inside you’ll find comprehensive and current information for bedside diagnosis and management of some of the most common illnesses and problems encountered in the ICU setting.

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  • Vascular Access: Principles and Practice

    Vascular Access: Principles and Practice, 5e

    Samuel Eric Wilson

    This practical and comprehensive book provides "how-to" information on all aspects of access to the vascular system for hemodialysis, parenteral nutrition, chemotherapy, and resuscitation. Preoperative evaluation, operations, noninvasive procedures, complications, and other aspects are detailed. This edition provides increased coverage of non-interventional techniques and includes new chapters on management of thrombophilia in hemodialysis patients; modulation of the immune system to prevent myointimal hyperplasia; synthetic grafts; venous outflow stenting for salvage of vascular access procedures; and ultrasound in vascular access procedures.

    This book is essential for all clinicians treating patients who require vascular access, including vascular surgeons, general surgeons, nephrologists, dialysis technicians and nurses, radiologists, and cardiologists.

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 Your search produced 29 ITEMS