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  • Visual Diagnosis and Care of the Patient with Special Needs

    Visual Diagnosis and Care of the Patient with Special Needs

    Marc B. Taub, Mary Bartuccio, Dominick Maino

    Visual Diagnosis and Care of the Patient with Special Needs provides a thorough review of the eye and vision care needs of patients with special needs.  This book gives you a better understanding of the most frequently encountered developmental and acquired disabilities seen in the eye care practitioner’s office.  These disabilities include patients with autism, brain injury, Fragile X syndrome and Down syndrome, as well as those with psychiatric illness, dual diagnosis, and more.  The text discusses, in great detail, the visual issues inherent in these populations and their possible treatment.  A group of authors with approximately 500 years of experience in the field of eye care and special populations have been brought together to develop this comprehensive reference.   

    It may appear that this book is written primarily for eye care practitioners such as optometrists and ophthalmologists, while vision is the overriding topic, this book serves as an excellent resource for a multitude of professions including those engaged in occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech and language therapy, physiatry, social work, pediatric medicine, and special education.

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  • Anatomy of the Eye and Orbit

    Anatomy of the Eye and Orbit

    The Clinical Essentials

    Thomas F Freddo, Edward Chaum

    Master the Clinical Essentials of ocular and orbital anatomy for clinical practice!
    The eye is an organ of great complexity. Anatomy of the Eye and Orbit: The Clinical Essentials achieves the impressive task of presenting all the ocular anatomy that ophthalmology residents, optometry residents, and optometry students need to know – in a single accessible, high-yield volume. It emphasizes the aspects of eye and orbit anatomy that are most relevant to clinicians in training, providing the practical, real-world foundation necessary for practice.

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  • Color Atlas of Oculoplastic Surgery

    Color Atlas of Oculoplastic Surgery, 2e

    David T. Tse
    Color Atlas of Oculoplastic Surgery provides surgeons familiar with surgical anatomy with a broad survey of contemporary oculoplastic surgery.  It illustrates and provides basic information on surgical techniques that are straightforward and reliable in managing many common oculoplastic conditions that a clinician may encounter in practice.  The material is presented with precision and clarity, there is special emphasis on understanding the pathophysiologic mechanism of diseases. This integrated text, accompanied by color photographs and complementary line drawings, guides the surgeon through each procedure in a systematic fashion. Pertinent anatomy, surgical indications, important technical considerations, and complications receive appropriate emphasis in each chapter.
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  • Diabetic Retinopathy

    Diabetic Retinopathy

    The Essentials

    Gloria Wu

    Diabetic Retinopathy: The Essentials is written for general ophthalmologists and optometrists as well as family practitioners, diabetologists, and internists who encounter diabetic patients on a daily basis. It focuses on the diagnosis and management of diabetic retinopathy from the point of view of the retinal specialist.

    The book begins with the epidemiology, anatomy, and pathophysiology of diabetic retinopathy, and then covers important topics such as classification issues, diagnostic testing, examination techniques, new treatment modalities, patient management, indications for vitrectomy, pregnancy concerns, and informed consent. Coverage includes both general medical issues in diabetes and specifically ophthalmologic concerns. Features include more than 200 full-color photographs, case studies, and algorithms for patient management.

    A companion website includes the full text online and an image bank.

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  • Disorders of the Eye Anatomical Chart

    Disorders of the Eye Anatomical Chart, 2e

    Anatomical Chart Company

  • Evidence-Based Eye Care

    Evidence-Based Eye Care, 2e

    Peter J. Kertes, T. Mark Johnson
    Now in a revised and updated Second Edition, this handy guide to eye care uses evidence from the latest clinical trials to deliver practical advice directly applicable to the challenges of daily ophthalmic practice. Helpful illustrations and tables support the text and improve outcomes.

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  • The Eye Anatomical Chart

    The Eye Anatomical Chart

    Anatomical Chart Company
    This popular chart of The Eye has illustrations by  award winning medical illustrator Keith Kasnot.  The chart covers general anatomy of the eye  with colorful detailed renderings all fully labeled.

    Includes the following images:
    the outer eye as we see it with all parts labeled
    lateral view of the eyeball in the skull
    top view of the eyeball in the skull
    diagram of the visual field
    large central illustration of a lateral cross section of the eye
    medial cross section of the eye
    close up views of the:
       anterior chamber angle
    macula lutea

    Made in the USA.
    Available in the following versions :    
    •   20" x 26" heavy paper laminated with grommets at top corners   ISBN  9781587791260
    •   20" x 26" heavy paper                                                                             ISBN  9781587791277
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  • Eye Pathology

    Eye Pathology, 3e

    An Atlas and Text

    Ralph C. Eagle

    Master the eye pathology you need to know for the OKAP exam, residency, and beyond!
    Here’s a perfect introduction to basic eye pathology that can easily be read and mastered during an ophthalmic pathology rotation. It provides effective, efficient preparation for OKAP examinations or Board certification in ophthalmology, and will also serve as a concise clinical reference in practice. Richly illustrated and masterfully written, this best-selling ophthalmology resource equips you to understand eye pathology.

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  • The Eye: Anterior and Posterior Chambers

    The Eye: Anterior and Posterior Chambers

    Anatomical Chart Company

    The Eye: Anterior and Posterior Chambers is a useful chart showing detailed illustrations of the anterior and posterior chambers of the eye.
    Also includes:
    the outer eye and lacrimal apparatus
    detail view of the ciliary process
    detail view of the optic nerve
    detail view of the fundus of the right eye

    Made in the USA.
    Available in the following versions :    
    •   20" x 26" heavy paper laminated with grommets at top corners   ISBN  9781587791321
    •   20" x 26" heavy paper                                                                             ISBN  9781587791338
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  • Harley's Pediatric Ophthalmology

    Harley's Pediatric Ophthalmology, 6e

    Leonard B. Nelson, Scott E. Olitsky

    For over three decades, Harley’s Pediatric Ophthalmology has been the premier reference in pediatric ophthalmology. In this sixth edition it delivers even more of the detailed and practical coverage that has made it the most trusted resource in the field.

     Completely revised, its new full-color format will help the reader identify pathologies and retain key facts.  Its updated table of contents now includes new information on genetics, evaluation methodologies, diagnostic techniques, and treatment modalities — including new drugs. But most importantly, this new edition provides details on the recent advances that will allow for early diagnosis and broader treatment options for children with ophthalmic disorders.


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  • The LASIK Handbook

    The LASIK Handbook, 2e

    A Case-Based Approach

    Robert S. Feder
    From surgical planning and patient prep, to the latest tools and techniques, The LASIK Handbook: A Case-Based Approach uses real-world examples and straightforward language to help readers optimize results and avoid potential pitfalls.

    The text is patient-focused rather than technology-focused and leads the refractive surgeon through a series of real life cases in a progression from the more straight-forward to the increasingly complex with useful take home points in each surgical planning, technique and management of complications are reviewed in a case-based contemporary approach relevant no matter your level of experience.

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  • Learning Strabismus Surgery

    Learning Strabismus Surgery

    A Case-Based Approach

    Dean M. Cestari, David G. Hunter
    Ideal for both the student seeking a firmer understanding of strabismus surgery and the experienced surgeon looking to improve clinical decision-making, this practical resource uses a case-based approach to help readers conceptualize, plan, and perform complex strabismus procedures at every difficulty level.

    With this handy reference, you’ll examine complex cases—each with a unique set of clinical findings—then analyze the information, choose a surgical approach, and make a detailed plan for the procedure, all the while being guided by the steady hands of experienced strabismus surgeons.

    At the end of each case you’ll review the findings and think about what worked – and what could have been done better.  Then you’ll take a short-answer quiz to lock in the key concepts.

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  • Manual de Oftalmologia del Wills Eye Hospital

    Manual de Oftalmologia del Wills Eye Hospital, 7e

    Diagnóstico y tratamiento de la enfermedad en la consulta y en urgencias

    Nika Bagheri, Brynn Wajda, Charles Calvo, Alia Durrani

    Manual de referencia clásica (más de 25 años) para todos los clínicos que tratan los trastornos oculares. Escrita en un formato conciso y con una presentación esquemática, es el recurso idóneo para el diagnóstico y el tratamiento de centenares de afecciones oculares. Organizado por subespecialidades oftalmológicas, la presentación gráfica está diseñada para facilitar la consulta rápida y recoger prácticamente todas las afecciones oculares que pueden presentarse en la consulta, en el servicio de urgencias o en el hospital.

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  • Manual of Ocular Diagnosis and Therapy

    Manual of Ocular Diagnosis and Therapy, 6e

    Deborah Pavan-Langston

    Thoroughly updated for its Sixth Edition, this manual is a highly practical guide to the diagnosis and management of eye disorders and injuries. Experts from Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary present authoritative, state-of-the-art recommendations in a rapid-access outline format. Appendices include up-to-date ophthalmic drug and systemic antimicrobial formularies with dosages.

    All chapters have been updated to include the latest information on new disease entities, diagnostic techniques, drugs, and treatments, including LASIK and LASEK surgery, cataract extractions, intraocular lenses, use of botulinum for blepharospasm, and medical treatment of glaucoma. Thirty new full-color images have been added.

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  • The Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary Review Manual for Ophthalmology

    The Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary Review Manual for Ophthalmology, 4e

    Veeral S. Sheth, Marcus M. Marcet, Paulpoj Chiranand, Harit K. Bhatt, Jeffrey C. Lamkin, Rama D. Jager

    The new Fourth Edition of the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary Review Manual for Ophthalmology provides a comprehensive self-assessment review and serves as a valuable study aid for any ophthalmologist or ophthalmologist-in-training.  The text contains over 1,500 multiple-choice questions covering the entire field of ophthalmology, including all of its major subspecialties.  Answers with explanations are provided for each question, and references are included at the end of each chapter.  This edition includes more than 250 new full-color photographs and drawings depicting ocular pathology and ophthalmic conditions.

    All chapters have been updated with new questions to reflect the latest teaching in the field.  A companion website features an interactive test bank with images.  The test bank includes all 1,540 questions from the book plus over 300 unique questions for additional self-assessment practice.

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  • Ophthalmology Review Manual

    Ophthalmology Review Manual, 2e

    Kenneth C. Chern, Michael A. Saidel
    The Second Edition of the respected Ophthalmology Review Manual provides an organized reference to aid in clinical disease management and board exams preparation. The book’s outline format emphasizes relevant information and facilitates rapid retrieval of key facts.

    Each section starts by detailing relevant anatomy and physiology—the essential framework for understanding the basis for the related diseases—and then summarizes specific disease entities in outline format, with major features highlighted. Over 200 commonly encountered disease entities are listed, along with corresponding page numbers, on the inside front cover of the book for rapid reference.
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  • Orbital Surgery

    Orbital Surgery, 2e

    A Conceptual Approach

    Jack Rootman

    This 2nd edition of Orbital Surgery is actually three books in one. It’s an overview on orbital diseases, an anatomical atlas, and a surgical atlas.
    Using a conceptual model, along with more than 800 photographic and hand-drawn illustrations this book provides the reader with a clear description of the factors to consider when deciding on the proper approach to lesions anywhere in and surrounding the orbit.
    There’s also an online site with full text and image bank.

    Illustrations by Bruce Stewart. 

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  • Pediatric Retina

    Pediatric Retina, 2e

    Mary Elizabeth Hartnett

    With almost twice as many chapters, this new edition of Pediatric Retina now includes important information on the development of the eye and retina, basic/translational science of retinal diseases in infants and children, telemedicine using wide-angle imaging for diagnosis and longitudinal management of infants and children, as well as international approaches to care with focus on retinopathy of prematurity.

     With its comprehensive coverage and the major advances in treatment, both the general ophthalmologist and the specialist will find this book to be a valuable resource in providing effective, state-of-the-art care for infants and children with pediatric retinal conditions.

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  • Review Questions in Ophthalmology

    Review Questions in Ophthalmology, 3e

    Kenneth C. Chern, Michael A. Saidel
    Approach your exams with confidence using Review Questions in Ophthalmology, Third Edition. You’ll find a concise review of all specialty rotations in ophthalmology, plus key areas such as embryology, anatomy, pediatrics, plastics, and lenses. Real-life clinical cases and more than 1,000 multiple choice questions with answers and explanations in this comprehensive review of ophthalmology provide core knowledge for all residents and fellows in ophthalmology, preparing you for success – both on your exams and in your practice!
    • Test yourself with 1,000+ multiple choice questions, including answers and explanations.
    • Clearly visualize what you’re likely to see on exams and in practice, thanks to more than 400 clinical photographs, fluorescein angiograms, and CT, MRI, and ultrasound images.
    • Focus on common diseases for more useful self-assessment and real-life clinical preparation.
    LWW’s Online Resources for review content is all housed on ThePoint, which provides flexible learning solutions and resources using Review Questions in Ophthalmology, 3rd Edition.
    • Test yourself with 1,000+ multiple choice questions, including answers and explanations.
    • More than 400 clinical images (including photographs, fluorescein angiograms, and CT, MRI, and ultrasound images)
    • Complete content for easy navigation
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  • The Optic Nerve Evaluation in Glaucoma

    The Optic Nerve Evaluation in Glaucoma

    An Interactive Workbook

    Austin Lifferth

    All eye care providers should be proficient in evaluating the optic nerve for glaucoma in their patients.  The Optic Nerve Evaluation in Glaucoma: An Interactive Workbook, gives you the practice you need to make sure your abilities are up to speed. This practical primer takes you from learning to applying – by creating a visually rich, interactive experience.

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