• Language Intervention Strategies in Aphasia and Related Neurogenic Communication Disorders

    Language Intervention Strategies in Aphasia and Related Neurogenic Communication Disorders, 5e

    Roberta Chapey

    This thoroughly revised and updated Fifth Edition is the most comprehensive resource on aphasia and related neurogenic communication disorders from the most distinguished authorities of our time. This classic text has been used by graduate speech language pathology students for over 25 years, and continues to be the definitive resource across the speech sciences for aphasia.

    The book describes a wide range of intervention strategies including team treatment, group therapy, approaches for bilingual and culturally diverse clients, augmentative and alternative communication, and computer-assisted interventions. An important section addresses psychosocial/functional approaches to intervention. New to this edition are Activities for Discussion that encourage students to reflect on what they just read.

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  • Stuttering

    Stuttering, 4e

    An Integrated Approach to its Nature and Treatment

    Barry Guitar
    Stuttering: An Integrated Approach to Its Nature presents the most comprehensive textbook on the topic today, providing an overview of the etiology and development of stuttering and details, appropriate approaches to accurate assessment and treatment. Exploring a variety of practice settings, this core introductory book grounds all topics in a firm basis of the disorder’s origin and nature. This edition has been thoroughly updated to address all current methodologies.
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  • Applied Anatomy and Physiology for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

    Applied Anatomy and Physiology for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

    Donald R. Fuller, Jane T. Pimentel, Barbara M. Peregoy
    This textbook aligns the basic science of anatomy and physiology with the applied art and science of communication disorders. The content is approached from a clinical perspective so that students understand the application of the content. Applied Anatomy and Physiology for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology is unique for its presentation of elementary and introductory anatomy and physiology in a framework of clinical practice.
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  • Audiology and Communication Disorders

    Audiology and Communication Disorders, 2e

    An Overview

    Larry Humes, Fred Bess

    Audiology and Communication Disorders: An Overview, 2nd Edition is an innovative learning system that makes important audiology concepts accessible to beginning students, while providing instructors with the depth of coverage needed for more advanced students through a diverse range of assignable online articles, case studies, and multimedia activities developed to integrate seamlessly with the main text. 

    Using the innovative communication chain model throughout the book, authors Larry Humes and Fred Bess cover structure and function of the auditory system; auditory disorders; audiologic measurement; screening for hearing loss and middle ear status; prosthetic devices for the hearing impaired; and rehabilitation and habilitation for individuals with impaired hearing. Boxed learning activities, case study vignettes, and commentaries help students understand key concepts and their clinical applications. 

    The Second Edition has been updated with new content, new case studies, and additional disorders, and is supported by extensive online resources,  including  videos and animations that bring concepts to life, a wide range of articles, a pronunciation glossary, a question bank, labeling exercises, an interactive screening test, an anatomy and physiology image bank, case studies, and audio demos.
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  • The Ear: Organs of Hearing and Balance Anatomical Chart

    The Ear: Organs of Hearing and Balance Anatomical Chart

    Anatomical Chart Company

    The Ear - Organs of Hearing and Balance is a useful chart showing the anatomy of the ear.  
    The large colorful and detailed  central image shows the anatomy of and the structures that make up the ear.

    All of the major parts of the ear are illustrated and labeled on the central image.  Many of the structures are depicted with close up detailed illustrations.
    right auricle
    right tympanic membrane with detail close-up
    middle ear with detail close-up
    close up of the auditory ossicles
    detail of the membranous labyrinth including a detail of the cochlear labyrinth
    membranous ampulla
    organ of Corti
    macula of saccule
    The Ear - Organs of Hearing and Balance also textually explains and illustrates how we hear from the ear to the brain - the physiology of sound.

    Made in the USA.
    Available in the following versions :    

    •   20" x 26" heavy paper laminated with grommets at top corners   ISBN  9781587791154
    •   20" x 26" heavy paper                                                                             ISBN  9781587791161
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  • Handbook of Clinical Audiology

    Handbook of Clinical Audiology, 7e

    Jack Katz
    For more than 40 years, Jack Katz’s Handbook of Clinical Audiology has been the go-to resource for graduate audiology students and audiologists. This edition’s unsurpassed team of editors and authors, whose expertise in both research and clinical practice spans all the core areas of clinical audiology, ensures that the Seventh Edition remains at the forefront of current audiology research, technology, and practice.
    Packed with new research, relevant case studies, and today’s best practices, the book is organized into four sections covering behavioral tests, physiologic tests, special populations, and management of hearing disorders. The Seventh Edition has been extensively revised and updated throughout and features six all-new chapters, updated research, a streamlined table of contents, online case studies, and a time-saving test bank for instructors.
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  • Hearing Science

    Hearing Science

    Diana C. Emanuel, Tomasz Letowski

    This textbook provides a comprehensive presentation of all aspects of hearing science, including acoustics, psychoacoustics, anatomy and physiology, and related topics such as introduction to digital signal processing and instrumentation in hearing science. It is designed to supplement in-class instruction with both remedial and advanced material for students with different academic backgrounds, and is ideally suited for speech pathology and audiology students at the undergraduate and introductory graduate levels.

    Online student resources on thePoint will include video demonstrations, a quiz bank, labeling exercises for images in the book, PDFs for selected chapters, Web links, and audio clips. Online instructor resources on thePoint will include PowerPoint slides, a test generator, an image bank, and homework assignments with answers.

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  • Speech Science Primer

    Speech Science Primer, 6e

    Physiology, Acoustics, and Perception of Speech

    Lawrence J. Raphael, Gloria J. Borden, Katherine S. Harris
    Written in a clear, reader-friendly style, Speech Science Primer serves as an introduction to speech science and covers basic information on acoustics, the acoustic analysis of speech, speech anatomy and physiology, and speech perception. It also includes topics such as research methodology, speech motor control, and history/evolution of speech science. With its reader-friendly content and valuable online resources, Speech Science Primer: Physiology, Acoustics, and Perception of Speech, Sixth Edition is an ideal text for beginning speech pathology and audiology students and faculty.


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  • Speech Sound Disorders

    Speech Sound Disorders, 1e

    Shelley Velleman

    Filled with examples of typically developing children and those with speech sound disorders, Shelley Velleman’s Speech Language Disorders offers authoritative coverage of the key concepts of normal speech sound development and production, as well as the related articulation and phonological disorders.
    A practical resource for patient assessment and treatment, this up-to-date book integrates the latest research in the field with actual speech data examples. Rather than covering treatment options at the end of the text or as an “add on,” the book integrates these vital components directly into the appropriate chapters to help Speech-Language Pathology students understand the connection between the science of the disorders and real-life practice.
    Using highly readable prose enriched by clear definitions, examples, and exercises, the author covers all key concepts, including important topics often not offered in similar books, including evaluating and treating speech sound disorders in young children, those with neurodevelopmental syndromes, and those with prosody issues. In addition, the book helps students see the connection between speech sound disorders and the related motor speech disorders that overlap and complicate assessment and treatment. 
    • Compelling online videos of children with speech sound disorders (supplemented with assignable exercises) bring concepts to life and connect classroom learning with real-life practice.
    • Considerations for assessment and treatment of children who speak languages other than English are interwoven throughout the text.
    • Numerous data sets and examples of children with speech disorders provide a real-world context.
    • Case studies for practice show readers how to apply the concepts and techniques covered.
    • Assessment and treatment of motor speech disorders in children are covered, including differential diagnosis of dysarthria and Childhood Apraxia of Speechan area of expertise of the author.
    • Quick and easy assessment forms for identifying children’s speech strengths and weaknesses are included.
    • Application to practice elements include integrated coverage of the assessment and treatment options for each subcomponent of speech sound development disorder.
    •  Feature boxes point out “common misconceptions” and “common confusion” areas and explain particularly challenging concepts and innovative approaches.
    •  Author-developed exercises for applying concepts, practicing evaluation techniques, scoring tests, and developing treatment plans give students hands-on practice in applying concepts.
    • End-of-chapter review questions contain multiple-choice quizzes that allow students to assess their understanding of chapter content.

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  • Treatment of Stuttering

    Treatment of Stuttering

    Established and Emerging Interventions

    Barry Guitar, Rebecca McCauley

    Treatment of Stuttering: Established and Emerging Interventions is a comprehensive textbook and clinical reference for speech pathologists in all major intervention strategies for stuttering. The book emphasizes evidence-based practice and includes critical comparisons of treatments and their valid implementation by clinicians. Case studies bring concepts to life and enhance critical thinking skills.

    A companion website includes videos of treatment procedures.

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  • Understanding Voice Problems

    Understanding Voice Problems, 4e

    A Physiological Perspective for Diagnosis and Treatment

    Raymond H. Colton, Janina K. Casper, Rebecca Leonard
    Understanding Voice Problems: A Physiological Perspective for Diagnosis and Treatment emphasizes the physiological perspective of voice disorders—and the behavioral and emotional factors that can influence these changes. Readers will find a strong foundation in normal phonatory physiology and acoustics as well as pathophysiology arising from voice misuse, abuse, or neurological involvement. Coverage includes in-depth explorations of patient interviewing, history-taking, examination, and testing and discussions of pediatric and geriatric voice considerations. The book contains numerous illustrations, including full-color plates of vocal fold pathologies. A companion website features over 20 videos that demonstrate healthy, normally functioning larynges at work, plus larynges with various pathological problems.
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