William D. McArdle

  • Essentials of Exercise Physiology

    Essentials of Exercise Physiology, 5e

    William D. McArdle, Frank I. Katch, Victor L. Katch

    Essentials of Exercise Physiology is a compact version of the bestselling Exercise Physiology: Nutrition, Energy, and Human Performance, making it ideal for introductory undergraduate courses. As you progress through the text, you’ll develop a deep understanding of the interrelationships among energy intake, energy transfer during exercise, and the physiologic systems that support energy transfer. Moreover, you’ll discover how to apply what you learn to enhance exercise training, athletic performance, and health.

    Based on feedback from students and instructors, this Fifth Edition maintains its hallmark pedagogy, writing style, graphics, and flow charts, while offering new and updated content. The text’s organization makes it easy to cover its content in a one-semester course and adapt its materials to diverse interests. Each section also offers coverage of new and emerging topics in exercise physiology as well as the latest research findings.

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  • Exercise Physiology

    Exercise Physiology, 8e

    Nutrition, Energy, and Human Performance

    William D. McArdle, Frank I. Katch, Victor L. Katch

    Setting the standard for more than 30 years, nearly half a million students have built a solid foundation of the scientific principles underlying modern exercise physiology with Exercise Physiology by William D. McArdle, Frank I. Katch, and Victor L. Katch.. This Eighth Edition is updated with the latest research in the field to provide current coverage of how nutrition, energy transfer, and exercise training affect human performance. 

    A vibrant new full color “magazine style” design, along with updated art in every chapter, works hand in hand with the descriptive content, making even complex topics easier to understand and key information easier to locate. 

    Throughout the text, the authors apply exercise physiology principles to practical skills, illustrate how theory comes to life through research, and clarify complex issues and problems. References posted online provide the evidence behind the science, as well as a complete list for further reading. 
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  • Fisiología del ejercicio

    Fisiología del ejercicio, 8e

    Nutrición, rendimiento y salud

    William D. McArdle, Frank I. Katch, Victor L. Katch
    Durante más de 30 años, Fisiología del ejercicio. Nutrición, rendimiento y salud ha ayudado a más de 350.000 estudiantes a construir una base sólida sobre los principios científicos subyacentes a la fisiología del ejercicio. Esta 8.ª edición se ha actualizado con las últimas investigaciones en el campo para facilitar la comprensión y aportar una cobertura actualizada de cómo la nutrición, la transferencia de energía, y el entrenamiento físico afectan el rendimiento humano.
    La nueva edición mantiene una estructura de ocho secciones, con una sección introductoria sobre los orígenes de la fisiología del ejercicio. El final " en el horizonte " la sección y su capítulo han cambiado de una adenda a un capítulo numerado, un reflejo de la casa de la biología molecular como una parte establecida de la ciencia del ejercicio . La octava edición también ha sufrido un cambio de imagen de arte completa. La mayoría de las cifras existentes se han rediseñado para ofrecer compatibilidad con las ilustraciones de nueva creación.
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  • Sports and Exercise Nutrition

    Sports and Exercise Nutrition, 4e

    William D. McArdle, Frank I. Katch, Victor L. Katch