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  • Essentials of Rubin's Pathology

    Essentials of Rubin's Pathology, 6e

    Emanuel Rubin, Howard Reisner
    Essentials of Rubin's Pathology, Sixth Edition, is a condensed version of the main title, Rubin's Pathology, 6e. Targeted to students in allied health fields, including dentistry, nursing, physical therapy, physician assistant, chiropractic, and occupational therapy,  Essentials of Rubin's Pathology follws the same format as Rubin's Pathology, covering principles and mechanisms of pathology in the first section and organ-specific pathology in the second section. Essentials extracts key information on pathogenesis, epidemiology, and clinical features of diseases.  Illustrations -- whether schematic or photographic -- are also all derived from the main text. A companion Website will offer the fully searchable online text, case studies, audio review questions, Podcasts, and an image bank and test generator for faculty.
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  • Essentials of Surgical Specialties

    Essentials of Surgical Specialties, 3e

    Richard M. Bell, Merril T. Dayton

    Essentials of Surgical Specialties, Third Edition provides students with exactly what they need to learn and retain the clinical foundations in surgical specialties. Organized by specialty, the book explains the basic skills needed in nine core rotations and prepares students for their clerkship. More than 200 illustrations demonstrate relevant anatomy and common surgical approaches.

    This edition provides updated information on treatment options, imaging modalities, operative techniques, laparoscopic and robotic surgery, surgical devices and products, and postoperative care. Multiple-choice questions have been expanded and rewritten to NMBE format.

    A multiple-choice question bank will be available online at thePoint.

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  • Ethical Issues in Clinical Research

    Ethical Issues in Clinical Research

    A Practical Guide

    Bernard Lo

    This book teaches researchers how to resolve the ethical dilemmas that can arise at any stage in clinical research. In addition to explaining pertinent regulations and laws, Dr. Lo helps investigators understand the gaps and uncertainties in regulations, as well as situations in which merely complying with the law may not fulfill ethical responsibilities. Most chapters include real-life examples that the author walks through, discussing the salient issues and how to approach them. This book can be used in courses on research ethics that are required or encouraged by major National Institutes of Health grants in academic health centers.

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  • Ethical Issues in Neurology

    Ethical Issues in Neurology, 3e

    James L. Bernat

    Written by an eminent authority from the American Academy of Neurology's Committee on Ethics, Law, and Humanities, this book is an excellent text for all clinicians interested in ethical decision-making. The book features outstanding presentations on dying and palliative care, physician-assisted suicide and voluntary active euthanasia, medical futility, and the relationship between ethics and the law.

    New chapters in this edition discuss how clinicians resolve ethical dilemmas in practice and explore ethical issues in neuroscience research. Other highlights include updated material on palliative sedation, advance directives, ICU withdrawal of life-sustaining therapy, gene therapy, the very-low-birth-weight premature infant, the developmentally disabled patient, informed consent, organizational ethics, brain death controversies, and fMRI and PET studies relating to persistent vegetative state.

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  • Evidence-Based Cardiology

    Evidence-Based Cardiology, 4e

    Benjamin A. Steinberg, Christopher P. Cannon

    Get quick, portable access to the evidence you need to make effective clinical decisions! Evidence-Based Cardiology succinctly summarizes all the clinical trials that affect the practice of cardiovascular medicine, making it easy for you to implement the most appropriate diagnostic tests and treatments for your patients.
    • Apply the latest knowledge on atrial fibrillation and heart failure, including novel anticoagulants, new medical therapies, new devices including ablation and resynchronization and other advanced therapies.
    • Select the best interventions for acute coronary syndrome with coverage of new antiplatelet strategies, management strategy updates, and significant data on outcomes and guideline adherence.
    • Navigate controversies across your entire field with in-depth chapters exploring all areas of preventive cardiology, coronary revascularization and percutaneous procedures, unstable angina/non-ST elevation myocardial infarction, ST-elevation myocardial infarction, heart failure, and arrhythmias.
    • Look up all essential randomized clinical trials and understand their implications with concise summaries of trial design, study population, treatment regimen, and results, together with relevant ACC/AHA Practice Guidelines.
    Now included with the print edition, enjoy the bundled interactive eBook edition, which can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet, or accessible online and includes features like:
    • Complete content with enhanced navigation
    • A powerful search that pulls results from content in the book, your notes, and even the web
    • Cross-linked pages, references, and more for easy navigation
    • Highlighting tool for easier reference of key content throughout the text
    • Ability to take and share notes with friends and colleagues
    • Quick reference tabbing to save your favorite content for future use

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  • Evidence-Based Endocrinology

    Evidence-Based Endocrinology, 3e

    Pauline M Camacho
    This pocket-sized quick-reference handbook presents evidence-based recommendations for diagnosis and treatment of endocrine disorders. The authors summarize the latest and best clinical studies supporting the practice recommendations and grade each study to indicate the benefits and risks of the therapy and the reliability of the study results. Chapters cover disorders in the major areas of endocrinology--hypothalamic-pituitary, thyroid, adrenal, metabolic bone, reproductive, diabetes, lipid disorders, obesity and nutrition, endocrine malignancies, and genetics.
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  • Evidence-Based Eye Care

    Evidence-Based Eye Care, 2e

    Peter J. Kertes, T. Mark Johnson
    Now in a revised and updated Second Edition, this handy guide to eye care uses evidence from the latest clinical trials to deliver practical advice directly applicable to the challenges of daily ophthalmic practice. Helpful illustrations and tables support the text and improve outcomes.

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  • External Fixators of the Foot and Ankle

    External Fixators of the Foot and Ankle

    Paul Cooper, Vasilios Polyzois, Thomas Zgonis

    External fixation has proven a valuable tool in the effort to correct deformities, improve healing of fractures, and improve outcomes of orthopedic surgery. This expertly constructed reference, External Fixators of the Foot and Ankle, explores the ways in which external fixators are used to reduce tissue damage, reduce strain on nerves and vasculature, and improve healing in the surgical treatment of foot and ankle deformities and injuries.

    Authoritative perspectives from leading orthopedic and podiatric surgeons help to build an understanding and strengthen your technique. The multidisciplinary team approach in treating complex trauma, reconstructive, or diabetic patients is emphasized throughout this textbook.  Detailed coverage of the tools of external fixation describes the roles, applications, and limitations of the various rings, rods, wires, pins, and designs used in external fixation. How-to, step-by-step instruction addresses a range of fixation procedures, helping readers understand the relevant anatomy and avoid potential complications. Abundant illustrations highlight the text, providing a surgeon’s eye view of a range of commonly performed procedures.

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  • The Eye Anatomical Chart

    The Eye Anatomical Chart

    Anatomical Chart Company
    This popular chart of The Eye has illustrations by  award winning medical illustrator Keith Kasnot.  The chart covers general anatomy of the eye  with colorful detailed renderings all fully labeled.

    Includes the following images:
    the outer eye as we see it with all parts labeled
    lateral view of the eyeball in the skull
    top view of the eyeball in the skull
    diagram of the visual field
    large central illustration of a lateral cross section of the eye
    medial cross section of the eye
    close up views of the:
       anterior chamber angle
    macula lutea

    Made in the USA.
    Available in the following versions :    
    •   20" x 26" heavy paper laminated with grommets at top corners   ISBN  9781587791260
    •   20" x 26" heavy paper                                                                             ISBN  9781587791277
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  • Eye Pathology

    Eye Pathology, 3e

    An Atlas and Text

    Ralph C. Eagle

    Master the eye pathology you need to know for the OKAP exam, residency, and beyond!
    Here’s a perfect introduction to basic eye pathology that can easily be read and mastered during an ophthalmic pathology rotation. It provides effective, efficient preparation for OKAP examinations or Board certification in ophthalmology, and will also serve as a concise clinical reference in practice. Richly illustrated and masterfully written, this best-selling ophthalmology resource equips you to understand eye pathology.

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  • The Eye: Anterior and Posterior Chambers

    The Eye: Anterior and Posterior Chambers

    Anatomical Chart Company

  • Farmacología

    Farmacología, 6e

    Serie Revision de temas

    Gary C. Rosenfeld, David S Loose
    Obra de la colección Temas Clave cuyo objetivo, como todo el resto de obras de la serie, es presentar al estudiante textos sencillos y resumidos en un formato ágil y fácil de manejar. El texto y las pruebas de autoevaluación se adaptan a las directrices y requerimientos de los principales exámenes de medicina, como el MIR o el UMSLE. El diseño general facilita la lectura de los capítulos y la comprensión de la materia, así como minimiza el tiempo de estudio.
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  • The Female Muscular System Anatomical Chart

    The Female Muscular System Anatomical Chart

    Anatomical Chart Company

    Finally, a female version of the popular Peter Bachin Muscular System chart! The Female Muscular System Anatomical Chart  is finely detailed and extensively labeled.
    Central illustrations show the shows anterior and posterior views of the female muscular system

    Four smaller detailed illustrations show:
    the right half of the diaphragm
    the muscles of the posterior abdominal wall
    the muscles of the right hand (palmar view)
    the muscles of the left foot (plantar view)

    Made in the USA.
    Available in the following versions :    

    •   20" x 26" heavy paper laminated with grommets at top corners   ISBN  9781587795657
    •   20" x 26" heavy paper                                                                             ISBN  9781587795633
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  • The Female Reproductive System Anatomical Chart

    The Female Reproductive System Anatomical Chart

    Anatomical Chart Company

  • Fenoglio-Preiser's Gastrointestinal Pathology

    Fenoglio-Preiser's Gastrointestinal Pathology, 4e

    Amy E. Noffsinger
    With extensively revised content and an expanded contributor list of experts, Fenoglio-Preiser’s Gastrointestinal Pathology, Fourth Edition keeps you current in this fast-changing field. This highly regarded text remains your go-to reference on gastrointestinal pathology, with coverage of everything from anatomy, physiology, and histology to the full spectrum of congenital disorders, structural alterations, diseases, injuries, and other entities. This comprehensive reference is an ideal resource for pathologists, radiologists, gastroenterologists, and others interested in gastrointestinal diseases.  
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  • Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring

    Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring, 4e

    Roger K. Freeman, Thomas J. Garite, Michael P. Nageotte, Lisa A Miller
    Fetal heart rate monitoring affects the lives of millions of women and infants every year in the United States alone. Used by all members of the obstetric team - nurses, students, midwives, and physicians – it is the primary method to assess fetal oxygenation in both the antepartum and intrapartum setting. Improving outcomes and promoting patient safety depends upon correct use and interpretation of fetal heart rate monitoring, and is crucial to daily obstetric practice. This fourth edition provides the obstetrical team a framework within which to interpret and understand fetal heart rate tracings and their implications. The text covers key issues as the physiological basis for monitoring, a discussion of fetal hypoxemia and neonatal encephalopathy, instrumentation and pattern recognition. In addition to an in-depth review of the standardized NICHD nomenclature and three-tiered FHR Category approach, there are chapters on intrapartum and antepartum management as well as fetal central nervous system effects on monitor patterns. Since fetal monitoring is primarily a screening tool there are also discussions on the use of backup methods for evaluation of abnormal patterns. This 4th edition also brings the addition of Lisa A. Miller CNM, JD, who provides a nursing and midwifery perspective as well an enhanced legal and risk management review.

    This new fourth edition includes:
    • Review of neonatal encephalopathy and recent studies on CP
    • Currentinformation and discussion of most recent NICHD panel recommendations, both antepartum and intrapartum
    • New chapter on Pitfalls in EFM
    • Detailed chapter on risk management, liability & documentation
    • New section on fetal maternal hemorrhage
    • Update on new instrumentation
    • Crucial information on maternal/fetal coincidence and FDA warnings
    • All chapters include updated practice tips and clinical implications for the entire obstetric team
    Plus, with this edition clinicians have access to a companion website with full text and an image bank for fast & simplified clinical review.
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  • Field Guide to Clinical Dermatology

    Field Guide to Clinical Dermatology, 2e

    David H. Frankel

    Praise for the First Edition:

    "A superb guidebook to basic dermatology....One of the best quick-reference dermatology sources....This little gem should be a favorite of family physicians around the world."—American Family Physician

    Geared specifically to primary care practitioners, house officers, and medical students, this colorfully illustrated pocket book is a practical quick-reference guide to the diagnosis and treatment of common skin problems. The book is organized by clinical feature and written in terms that are accessible to non-dermatologists. 118 full-color illustrations depict the key distinguishing features of the diseases. ICD-9 codes are included. This Second Edition includes the latest therapies, plus many new photographs.

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  • Field Guide to the Difficult Patient Interview

    Field Guide to the Difficult Patient Interview, 2e

    Frederic W. Platt, Geoffrey H. Gordon

    Written by physicians skilled at coaching colleagues in physician-patient communication, this pocket guide presents practical strategies for handling a wide variety of difficult patient interviews. Each chapter presents a hypothetical scenario, describes effective communication techniques for each phase of the interaction, and identifies pitfalls to avoid. The presentation includes examples of physician-patient dialogue, illustrations showing body language, and key references.

    This edition includes new chapters on caring for physician-patients, communicating with colleagues, disclosing unexpected outcomes and medical errors, shared decision making and informed consent, and teaching communication skills. Other new chapters describe clinical attitudes such as patience, curiosity, and hope.

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  • Field Guide to the Neurologic Examination

    Field Guide to the Neurologic Examination

    Steven L. Lewis

    Field Guide to the Neurologic Examination provides a detailed review of the basic neurologic exam, giving clinicians the tools needed to obtain valuable diagnostic information and address specific clinical presentations. The guide's three sections include a brief overview of neurologic diagnosis, instructions on how to perform the basic components of the neurologic exam, and ways to tailor the exam to specific clinical situations. The clinical focus assists in the practical bedside evaluation of common neurologic symptoms. Also included is a concise appendix of common neurologic tests, with brief summaries to help clinicians choose the best approach for each patient.

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  • Fisiología

    Fisiología, 6e

    Serie Revisión de temas

    Linda S Costanzo
    Obra de la colección Temas Clave cuyo objetivo, como todo el resto de obras de la serie, es presentar al estudiante textos sencillos y resumidos en un formato ágil y fácil de manejar. El texto y las pruebas de autoevaluación se adaptan a las directrices y requerimientos de los principales exámenes de medicina, como el MIR o el UMSLE. El diseño general facilita la lectura de los capítulos y la comprensión de la materia, así como minimiza el tiempo de estudio.
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