Why Publish With Lippincott?

Lippincott is a leading international publisher of professional health information for physicians, nurses, specialised clinicians and students, providing essential information in a variety of print and electronic formats, from journals and books to digital solutions.

Our publishing programme is distinguished by our long history of developing successful books specifically for health care professionals, educators and students. We publish exclusively in the medicine and health care disciplines, so we have the knowledge and experience to create dynamic print and digital products for the medical markets. Our editorial, development, production, marketing, and sales staff are devoted to the health professions and understand the special demands of health science publishing. We are committed to excellence, to our authors, their products, and the customers we serve.

Our products can begin with an author’s vision or our own vision, based on market research. We can help you refine your concept for a print or electronic product and work with you to help define and reach its audience. We offer expertise in development sales, and marketing, and authors apply their content knowledge and experience to their product.



Lippincott Publishing Benefits

  • The author and the product will be associated with a high profile publisher of international renown and repute.
  • Lippincott has a reputation of presenting works only by the best authors and experts in all health care fields.
  • Lippincott focuses on product excellence.
  • Lippincott provides editorial support, production staff, and a wide-range of author-accessible references and resources.
  • Lippincott offers unparalleled product promotion at conventions and conferences.
  • Lippincott offers fair dealing, collaboration, and communication with authors.


Product Proposals

LWW is always looking for new product ideas, and will evaluate your proposal with both in-house staff and external reviewers to determine its suitability for our publishing program. Visit our dedicated Author Support Centre to get started.