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These days, there is no one single standard platform or device for ebooks. In fact, there are quite a few. And so, our ebook content is compatible with virtually all of them — straight text or fully interactive; for laptops, tablets, e-Readers, smart phones, and more. We don’t tell you what you can have—you tell us what you want. You get the content you need in the format (or formats) you prefer.

  • Ultimate Flexibility in Access Whether your students need access for a year or forever, on one machine or multiple devices, through your institution or a bookstore…we’ve got them covered.
  • Ultimate Flexibility in Delivery Our eBooks work with the full range of devices—from iPads and Nooks to laptops, Kindles, and more. Not sure which one is best? We’re happy to help you choose.
  • Ultimate Flexibility in Tools  From simple “just the book” digital textbooks to fully interactive, customizable eBooks, we have an option for you.

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